Moroccan Mini

Dollar Store Sunnies, Frock: The Clothes Line, Sandals: UOThe best part about spring/summer is that looking chic is simple. All you need is a great dress, simple accessories, a swipe of cherry red lip butter, and you’re ready to go. Dresses with bold prints/bright colors are essentially complete outfits on their own making getting ready in the morning as easy as throwing on a few bangles, stepping into your shoes, and running out the door.

The last time I wore this dress (almost exactly one year ago) I styled it similarly with brown wedges, chunky earrings, and a messy bun. It’s funny looking back at my old posts, they used to be so photo/text heavy!

What easy summer outfits are you excited to wear?

If you’re a blogger what have you noticed when reviewing your older posts, has your style/voice changed dramatically?


11 responses to “Moroccan Mini

  1. That dress is adorable and I love your hair that way!

  2. Super, super cute! Love the braid, the shoes, the whole thing!

  3. Your hair looks so pretty here Cait! And I love the bright colors and pattern of the dress!

  4. Beautiful dress. Love how you styled it.

  5. That dress is amazing!! Perfect just to throw on in the heat of the summer!!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Super cute dress!! xo

  7. Gorgeous. There is not one single thing I dont love about this, it just screams young wild and free…and summer! Ugh I really love it. Plus your hair?! Killing me.

  8. Great hairstyle! And I haven’t been blogging long enough to tell 🙂

    Life Etc

  9. This is such pretty dress, I really love how you styled it, from tip to toe! Very bohème 🙂

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