When Animal Prints Collide

 Scarf & Jeans: Battery Street Jeans, Sunglasses: Downtown Threads, Blouse: LL Bean, Belt: Goodwill, Heels: Target, Camel Watch: Flea Market, Jag Ring: GILTIt doesn’t get much more classic than jeans and a white tee. To add a bit of personality to this understated look I opted for snakeskin heels and a leopard print scarf worn in faux turban fashion. Since both of the animal print accessories were on the subtle side (as subtle as animal prints can be) I wasn’t worried about mixing them, especially when they were going to be worn so far apart from each other.

I couldn’t believe my luck when I tried these jeans on at Battery Street Jeans, not only did they fit me but the length is perfect for everything from flats to heels and they were only $10! Don’t you love when that happens?!

What prints have you been mixing into your spring wardrobe? Have you had any major thrift/consignment store finds recently?


7 responses to “When Animal Prints Collide

  1. Love the subtle pattern mixing girl! I do love when that happens you lucky duck! Especially with jeans!

  2. I feel like sometimes leopard and snakeskin can function as neutrals, especially when their base tones are browns or blacks. I absolutely love this look – you are proving once again my determination to grow my hair out!

  3. Very classic chic outfit!! Love how you styled the headscarf!! Great bracelet stack… The one with the wheel is my favorite!

  4. Love this outfit! The scarf and the shoes… genius! ❤

  5. Very chic and classy. Love your subtle clashing of animal prints.

  6. That Camel watch is so cool!!!!

    • Christy, finding that Camel watch for only $5, I talked the owner down from $7, was amazing luck. It’s one of my favorite pieces. I wear it all the time.

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