Craig Sager is Serious about Style

Clearly Craig’s not scared of prints

If you’ve been following the 2012 NBA finals as closely as D we have chances are you’ve seen Craig Sager reporting from the sidelines in one of his fashion forward outfits. Sager is a suit loving sportscaster for TNT/TBS and known for his colorful suits and accessories. There are websites and tumblr’s dedicated to Sager’s attire and with over 120 colorful suit jackets in his closet it’s easy to see why his wardrobe has developed somewhat of a cult following.

Iridescent and orange

Did he steal this suit jacket from Hefner?

Sager is know for his collection of colorful croc footwear

I would love to find this shirt while thrifting

Pattern mixing is a breeze

I applaud Sager’s style, not many can pull of day-glo colors so well or in so many shades! He’s an unlikely fashion icon but an icon no less.

What unlikely fashion icons have you noticed lately?


6 responses to “Craig Sager is Serious about Style

  1. Hilarious! I must check this out! (My team was out of the playoffs early, haven’t been watching…)

  2. Hahaha he looks very funny 🙂

  3. lol, yes he CLEARLY is not scared of prints. most of these photos made me laugh out loud. that man sure has a lot of confidence!
    xoxo, Amy

    • Haha isn’t he a hoot Amy?! I am just glad my BF has 5 pairs of shoes and we don’t have to compete for closet space!

  4. I love it when guys have fun quirky style…looks like he’s The Don Cherry of TNT

    • In that case Natasha, Craig certainly fits the bill! I love that he’s not scared of color like so many men I know.

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