Daily Archives: May 21, 2012

Weekend Snapshots

It was a beautiful weekend in Burlington and D and I took full advantage of it. We did some putting around in the garden, spent an afternoon lazing in the park with friends, and just enjoyed the sunny weather and each others company. It was perfect.

Detail shot from an upcoming outfit post

Finally got a chance to use the Totes bag I thrifted for $1.99!  It folds up into the size of a clutch when you’re not using it and holds a full brown paper grocery bag. It made bringing all of our picnic supplies to the park easy!

Refreshingly simple white wine spritzer with frozen blueberries

A friend’s Green Lantern ring that made me seriously jealous

Beautiful blooms in a Burlington Garden

Our contribution to the potluck picnic in the park (which must have weighed at least three pounds!)

The tree house at Oakledge park

How was your weekend?

All photos taken with instagram, for more be sure to follow me (@WoreOut)