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Fruity Pear Pots

My fruity pear pot recipe is loosely based off of an “Oriental Pears” recipe I found in the rocking early 80’s cookbook, Great Meals in Minutes – Pasta Menus. We have a whole set of these gems and while the 80’s food styling is clearly out of control I’ve found some great recipes including this one and a creamy yogurt pesto that I’ll be sharing with you soon!

Fruity Pear Pots. You will need: one firm pear, 1/4 cup fresh or frozen berries (roughly), one teaspoon complimentary liquor, & 2 toothpicks (per serving)

cut the top off each pear an inch below the stem, keeping the stem on, set aside  core out each pear (I used a strawberry huller but a melon baller or sturdy teaspoon would work too,) try not to cut/pierce through the bottom of the pear 

fill each pear with berries (we used Wyman’s frozen mixed berries) and top with one teaspoon of liquor (we had amaretto and it came out deliciously but I bet a blackberry cordial or brandy would be delicious as well)

place the top back on each pear, using toothpicks to hold it place

–  put the pears in a glass baking dish (I used pyrex Tupperware) and place them on a rack (I used my steaming basket) above an inch and a half of boiling water in a covered pot for 10 – 12 minutes or until tender.*

*for  softer, moister pears add a cup of water to the glass baking dish before placing in the covered pot

carefully remove the pear from pot (the pears will be extremely hot) and enjoy as is or add a dollop of vanilla ice cream or Greek yogurt with chopped walnuts for a fresh and light dessert that’s sure to leave the palette pleased.

what recipes have you been testing out lately?

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