White Washed Bricks and Red Noses

Hat & Bag: Urban Outfitters, Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Sweater: My Dad’s, Gingham Button-up: Goodwill (men’s), Jeans: Hurley (via Plato’s Closet), Bar Ring: Downtown Threads, Scarf: Gifted, Vintage Boots: Old Gold, Nails: OPI Lucky LavenderSweet lord this cold almost killed me! There is an upside to all of this though. The jarring cough and relentless congestion left me with a scratchy, borderline sultry, bedroom voice that has entertained D to no end, “Babe, you should have heard yourself say “hot and sour soup”, it was priceless!”

My porno voice aside this outfit is the ultimate in comfort. Give me a thrifted gingham button up, my dad’s old LL Bean sweater and my favorite pair of jeans and I’m as cozy as could be. I wore this casually comfortable look for a quick afternoon stroll and yet another trip to the pharmacy. I was worried I’d overheat in my wool sweater but it kept me warm and toasty when the wind picked up so I was glad I had it.

What do you wear when you just want to be comfy cozy?


10 responses to “White Washed Bricks and Red Noses

  1. That bag!!! WAAAAA I want it!

    PS- I love your little red button nose!

  2. LOL aw!!! I hope you feel better! This hooded scarf is just amazing on you!

    • Thank you Frannie, I’m on the mend finally! I loved the mullet skirt you wore in your post yesterday I only wish there was a Rue 21 near me so I could buy it!

  3. CUTE sweater! I love baggy sweaters. So comfy!

    • I love them too Ash! In fact I have dozens of baggy sweaters! I live in them in the fall and winter. They’re great for layering and perfectly cozy.

  4. Damn, this is my kind of outfit!! It looks so comfy and stylish at the same time! Hope you are feeling 100% better now! And your $ store sunnies are steller!!

    As for when I am dressing for comfort, I love a cotton/jersey skirt, with a long top…add some accessories and I could go anywhere 🙂

    Have a fabulous weekend, love!

    • You are so right about jersey skirts Sara, they feel like pajamas! Hope you had a great weekend too!

  5. You look really cute in that slouchy sweater! Comfy yet chic. Love it!


    • Oh thanks Hannah! I have quite a collection of slouchy sweaters, I love how they’re casual and comfy but don’t look or feel frumpy.

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