Reunited and it Feels so Good

Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Chinese Silk Scarf: Yankee swap score, Cardigan: Land’s End (via Savers), Button-up: Ralph Lauren Outlet, Skinnies: Hurley (via Plato’s Closet), Heels: Jessica Simpson (via Marshalls), Skull Ring: Downtown ThreadsTurf toe be damned, it’s sunny and my toes what to come out and play. I’ve been following my doctor’s orders  and taking it easy on my feet these past few weeks but it I couldn’t help myself when I unpacked this peepalicious pair of pumps from my “Springtime” box.

I was on the fence about these shoes when I first saw them at Marshalls but when I realized they’d been marked down to $7 I knew I would regret leaving the store without them. After wearing them a close to a dozen times the cost per wear is around 75cents and my love for them is only growing. I plan to wear them all spring long with everything from maxi dresses, colored denim to cutoffs.

What spring/summer favorites have you unpacked recently?

Having trouble finding room in your closet for your new spring favorites? I’m talking about closet organization over here today!


5 responses to “Reunited and it Feels so Good

  1. I have a pair of ivory capris I got on major sale last year that I never got to wear – I can’t wait to pair them with something this month! I think you more than got your money’s worth out of those pumps – they’re really unique and funky! Love them!

  2. Between this and the mustard skirt… are KILLING it! LOVE! Those shoes are to die for!

  3. Cute boots Cait! Totally worth the $7!!!

  4. Love this! That scarf and boots… amazing!

  5. Killer find with those great booties! I just bought a mullet skirted dress form Target and I cannot wait untilit is warm enough to wear it!!

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