Cupcakes and Lace at The Clothes Exchange Sweet-up

Blouse: Battery Street Jeans, Lace Pants: UO, Heart Ring: Forever 21, Cupcake Ring: My Little Cupcake, Heels: Michael Antonio (via Endless) I took these new pants for a test drive yesterday at The Clothes Exchange’s Sweet-up, Tweet-up at My Little Cupcake in Burlington. I’m usually timid when it comes to trying out new styles but when my gaze fell on these cropped lace pants in the clearance section at Urban Outfitters it was love at first sight. It also didn’t hurt that they’d been marked down $70 making them a whopping $9!

The cropped length is perfect with heels or flats and I love the tiered lace detailing on the waistband. I was worried the silhouette wouldn’t work on me but I was pleasantly surprised when I tried them on (never judge a piece until you try it on!) They were baggy where they need to be and form fitting in all the right places. The only minor issue I had was with the fit was in the calves. I guess walking close to three miles a day is paying off because my calve muscles are flipping huge, especially when I’m in wearing heels.

I have a feeling you’re going to be seeing a lot of these pants this spring and summer. I love the idea of pairing them with sky-high wedges and a printed cropped top for a night out or with cute flats and a vintage bandeau for a sweet daytime look.

What new silhouettes are you trying out this spring?


4 responses to “Cupcakes and Lace at The Clothes Exchange Sweet-up

  1. OMG, I am in love with those lace pants. How freak’n awesome! Those shoes are insane. I guess what I’m saying is I need all of it. Also, gimme that cupcake and nobody gets hurt.


  2. Those pants are fabulous…such a killer find! I cannot wait to see all the ways you are going to style for the summer! That ring is perfection for your event!!

  3. I’ll love to see a clearer photo of these pants. Cute cupcake ring.

  4. Wow, $9 for those pants–what an awesome deal–they look great on you too! I hope you had fun at the meet-up!

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