Recovery Rodeo

Hat & Skull  Earrings: Downtown Threads, Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Scarf: Gifted, “Grandpa” Cardigan: The Get Up (sadly it’s now closed), Jeans: Hurley (via Plato’s Closet), Bag: Gifted via Lyndsey of Chicesque, Ring: Charlotte Russe, Frye Boots: Birthday gift from DWhen you wake up with friends on your couch, a half eaten burrito on your nightstand, and girl scout cookie pieces in your bed you know it was a good night out (and possibly a sign that your kitchen cabinets should be on a time lock).

Nothing soothes away memories of too many PBR pitchers like a brisk walk along the lake and an impossibly cozy vintage cardigan that someone’s grandmother obviously hand knit. Toss on your favorite jeans, a classic felt hat, the perfect pair of boots, dark sunglasses and some colorful accessories and you’re well on your way to feeling like a new again.

The PBR pitchers and late night food binge are both purely hypothetical examples…

What to do wear when you’re not feeling your best?


12 responses to “Recovery Rodeo

  1. Carolyn Phelps Little

    The Get Up(Mother Store) is still alive in well in Montpelier!

  2. Hypothetical. rightttttt.
    Love how these turned out! So beautiful!! Obsessed with the bag and of course your Frye boots.

  3. That’s really the perfect pair of boots!!

    • Thanks Aletheia, I have been in love with them for years and the boyfriend surprised me with them for my birthday. I’m one lucky lady!

  4. I like the right colors. The yellow and blue are pretty for spring.

    • Bright colors always make me feel so fresh Rebecca! Hopefully you’re getting some of this sunny spring weather in Minn!

  5. Nope, you look too cute here to be nursing a hangover. On my last morning-after-having-drank-all-the-wine, I woke up with last night’s makeup still on and my hair still in last night’s updo. But I was late to get to the office so that my students could turn in their final papers! So I literally just put more makeup on over the smudgy bits from the night before, left my hair where it was, put on clean underpants, and left the house. I did not, let us be clear, look nearly so adorable as you do here. What I’m saying is, I’ll have to up my game.

  6. I love that sweater. Seriously, I want to steal it! : )

  7. I want to live and sleep in that sweater. It’s gorgeous.

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