Leaves and Lockets

Sunglasses, Blouse, & Locket: Downtown Threads,* Jeans: H&M, Sandals: TargetAfter spending years avoiding pinks, reds and oranges I had a fashion breakthrough and this funky leaf print tank was the piece to bring me around. While the top is very orange the print is the focal point so the bright orange becomes almost secondary (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself). Add a black blazer and cream scarf over this look and you’re ready for a day at the office or toss on a moto jacket, an arm full of bangles and nude heels for a night out.

Whether you’re trying out a new silhouette or giving warm colors a second chance stepping outside of your fashion comfort zone can be intimidating but if you write things (trends, colors, silhouettes) off entirely before experimenting with them you may miss out on a fashion breakthrough of your own. I spent years convinced that wearing any shade of orange would make me look like a giant ginger pumpkin and here I am loving my bold new orange blouse.

What trends/color/silhouettes do you steer clear of? Have you had a fashion breakthrough?

*full disclosure: while I receive items from Downtown Threads all ideas, content, and opinions expressed are my own.


4 responses to “Leaves and Lockets

  1. I was walking Lacie yesterday and saw a girl with beautiful, long red hair just like yours and she was in a bright orange patterned dress, absolutely gorgeous. You should definitely try it more often!

  2. I’m so glad you gave this blouse a chance because it looks DYNAMITE on you! I love the color and pattern. Your locket is just too cute too!

  3. You look gorgeous! Even if this top was solid orange, you would still look great. I think you need to bring all oranges, pinks and reds back into your wardrobe! (Hey, pink and orange is a great color combo!)

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