Petals and Pleats

Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Top: ASOS, Vintage Skirt: Downtown Threads, Wedges: Target, Ring: Montreal, Bangle: Charlotte RusseI wish it was still this sunny and warm. I snapped these pictures late last week when Burlington was still in the midst of an unseasonably warm spell. I took full advantage of the warm weather and broke out some of my new spring/summer pieces like this top from ASOS.

I was drawn to the shirt’s silhouette as much as I was to the bold print. I like that it’s more of an in your face floral print than a delicate one, which adds to the shirt’s somewhat unexpected but overall badass-ness (yup that’s a word). The classic white pleated skirt against the contemporary-cut out top added an interesting contrast. I tried to play up this contrast by adding my yellow wedges into the mix.

I can’t wait until the weather warms back up so I can try my hand at styling this piece again. The shoulder cut-outs and bold print make this top an ideal for mixing and matching with everything from fast fashion to investment pieces.

What spring/summer pieces are you looking forward to wearing this year?


10 responses to “Petals and Pleats

  1. So gorgeous – and those wedges are divine! I love the colors in the shirt – they really compliment your red hair. It was cold again this morning – I suspect the warm weather around my end at least is over for a bit!

    • Thank you Catherine, I’m glad you like it. Those wedges were a clearance purchase at target for a whopping $7 last spring, such a steal! It was so beautiful last week and of course this mornign we woke up to frost… I’m ready for summer already.

  2. Beautiful pleats! So lovely!

    • I’m so glad you like this skirt Christine. One thing I learned, pleats are best worn on days when you’ll be standing and not sitting.

  3. such a feminine outfit and pretty pictures! love the floral print 🙂


  4. I can’t believe it was that warm there – I can’t wait to be able to pull out some warm weather items. Like sandals. I miss sandals.

  5. I miss my sandals! And my dresses! There are just certain things that cannot pull off all the seasons… and I miss that stuff. So looking forward those pieces. And I love your yellow sandals.

  6. I am loving those bold wedges! The pattern and detailing on that shirt is fantastic…cannot wait to see how else you are going to style it this spring!

  7. The top is lush- great loose fit and wonderfully rich hues. What a great way to pair it- a stark modern pleated skirt makes it look so sultry!

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