“Hey. That mullet’s pretty.”

Two things about this photo; 1) I wear a 8.5 shoe, in real life my feet don’t look this large, just in this photo apparently. 2) Eating half a bag of Cadbury mini eggs in leiu of breakfast will give you a visible food baby.Sunglasses: Charlotte Russe, Cardigan: Old Navy, Mullet Dress: Pac Sun Hat: Christmas Tree Shop, Moccasins: Lands’ End (last seen here & hereTote Bag (made of recycled rice bags): Peace & Justice StoreThis is what I wore for an afternoon barbecue at the beach with D (who’s thoughts on my outfit are quoted in the title) a few of our friends, and Lucy Dog. D and I made two different types of kabobs; a veggie kabob (with sweet onions and whole mini bell peppers) and pineapple and kielbasa kabobs. Both were delicious and eating them on a blanket at the beach made them that much better.

This ruffle mullet dress is proof that the sunny weather is getting to me. I never wear this much color and I definitely don’t make a habit of mixing “young” floral prints and stripes, but it’s working. And if there’s one thing I’ve learn it’s that when it’s working you don’t ask questions, you just go with it.

What’s been working for you lately? How have you been taking advantage of the spring weather?


6 responses to ““Hey. That mullet’s pretty.”

  1. Haha…I wear a size 11 in real life, and my feet ALWAYS look large! : )

    It looks so beautiful there…and I love that dress!

    • The weather in Burlington has been unreal Stephanie! I’m a little nervous about what record high temperatures in March mean for the upcoming months but that hasn’t stopped me from enjoying.

  2. Your outfit is gorgeous! I need a dress like that in my life! 😀 xx

    • Thanks Lyndsey! I bought it on a whim without even trying it on and I’m so glad I did. It’s so easy to throw on and go!

  3. Love your mullet dress. It’s lovely.

  4. found you on twitter (we follow you :))! lovely blog… please come check out our newly launched jewelry shop where everything is under $20! Too Much Soul.com xx

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