Zig Zag Pleats and High Maintenance Hair

Sunglasses: Dollar Store, Belt worn as Ribbon: taken from H&M tunic, Tank: Charlotte Russe, Skirt: TJ Maxx, Ring: Michael’s, Sandals: Payless Bracelet: GiftedI can’t believe I’m saying this but Burlington is in the middle of a record breaking heatwave… in MARCH. While the New Englander in me is weary of what a record high spring temperatures mean for seasons to come I’ve been taking full advantage of the weather. I pulled my warm weather boxes out of the crawl space storage and this pleated black and white maxi skirt was begging to be worn. It’s simple but loud, which is exactly what I was going for.

Recently I’ve started using scarves and in this case belts to tie up my hair instead of elastics in an attempt to offset the awkward growing out stage my hair is in. I’ve been growing my hair out since I had a quarter life crisis on my 21st birthday (while living in Italy) and on a whim decided to get a bob. It looked amazing when the stylist did it but in real life it was a maintenance nightmare.*

How often do you change up your hairstyle? What pieces in your closet require the maintenance?

*Speaking of maintenance nightmares… a day of running around at the office left my pleats looking rather wilted. So if anyone out there has a trick to keeping dry clean only pieces with pleats fresh in between trips to the cleaners I would be forever grateful!

12 responses to “Zig Zag Pleats and High Maintenance Hair

  1. I love your skirt. You look like a redheaded geisha, I love it!

    • Oh Leah, that’s the best compliment ever. I’m slightly obsessed with wearing bows in my hair, you should try it out for your sister’s wedding!

  2. My hair is ALWAYS high maintenance–any way you slice it. I love this maxi skirt to pieces! Looks great Cait!

  3. Beautiful! And so sunny…I am so jealous of that sun!

    • Thank you Stephanie! I can’t believe that it’s 80 in Burlington and you’re getting snow in WA! Hang in there lady, spring is on the way!

  4. That skirt is amazing and the styling is just spot on. Per usual.

    • Thank you Gracey! I love this skirt too, I may have even done a little jig when I found it at TJ Maxx for $29!

  5. pretty look! =) great for the outdoors…unfortunately, I can’t offer up tips on the pleats but good luck! maybe a steamer carefully placed over each pleat?

    • I like your idea about using a steamer to breathe some new life into my pleats Nancy. I’ve been wanting to get one of a while so this is the perfect excuse!

  6. I love pleats, but the definitely are a pain to keep wrinkle-free! Such a great pattern and the fun addition of green with the ring and scarf ad a great pop!

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