Happy First Day of Spring Drinking to my not so baby sister

Not only is today the first day of spring (reason enough to celebrate) but it also happens to be the day my youngest sister Anna turns 21!

In honor of these auspicious occasions I’ve put together a playlist perfect for birthdays, sunny days, good hair days and everything in between. So even if it’s not your birthday crank up the jams and give in to the urge to dance. Spring is here, the sun is shining, the bird’s are chirping, and my sister is finally legal! Cheers to 21 years Anna, I love you!

DARE – Gorillaz (try not dancing to this sunny day staple)

50 Cent – In Da Club (party like it’s your birthday Anna!)

Blondie – Heart of Glass (perfectly stylish and one of my sister’s favs)

Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue (love this song)

Somebody I Used to Know – Gotye (I can’t stop singing this one)

Trey Songz – Say Aah (another sister sing-a-long fav)

What songs are you loving right now?


2 responses to “Happy First Day of Spring Drinking to my not so baby sister

  1. I LOVE this post……and the awesome P sisters/my new cousins! Happy birthday Anna!

  2. I meant to thank you and post this earlier!!**** Better late than never: You could not have put together a better selection of songs for my day drinking birthday/spring celebrations that also sum the two of us up perfectly 🙂
    Love,love, love you and see you for some legal Pierce sister Birthdays celebrations in 4 days:) !!

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