Smart Casual Sequins

Sunglasses: Downtown Threads, Blazer: Goodwill, Sequin Top: T.J Maxx Rose Necklace: Forever 21, Jeans: Hurley (via Plato’s), Sandals: Target Scarf: Gift Shop, Bag: ALDOOur first night on the ship dinner dress for the dining room was “smart casual. I’ve always struggled with translating smart casual into an outfit; half the time I feel over dressed while the other half of the time I look like a prep school student. Luckily when it came time to get dressed for dinner on the first night I was so bleary eyed from our morning travels that I didn’t have the energy to over-think my picks. I just grabbed what felt comfortable and wore my favorite glittery sandals.

The ruffly sequin top, a bon voyage gift from my mom, is jersey and was exactly what I wanted to wear after a morning of cramped travel. I wore the same jeans I’d traveled in and tossed my blazer on to keep it classic. This look fit the smart casual bill perfectly and I was ready to go it under 20 minutes.

What do you consider to be “smart casual” attire? What would you wear to a “smart casual” dinner?


2 responses to “Smart Casual Sequins

  1. What a great op and those sandals are so cute! I love the little jaguars on them! Hope you are enjoying your trip!

  2. Your shoes are beautiful and I think you did a wonderful job at dressing per theme! Have fun on your trip! It sounds like a lot of fun.

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