Vintage on Holiday – Lisa of Quarter Life

I am so excited to introduce today’s guest blogger, Lisa of Quarter Life! Quarter Life chronicles Lisa’s love of all things vintage and fashion in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C. You can follow Quarter Life on twitter and facebook and shop Lisa’s vintage finds in her etsy store.

Vintage on Holiday

 While I may step out of a plane, train, or automobile looking perky and polished, I can guarantee you one thing about my travels: The inside of my suitcase looks a mess. No matter how early I plan, I always end up throwing things in at the last moment. When I arrive at my destination, I often learn that I’ve forgotten one or more essentials (recent forgotten items include toothpaste, deodorant, and pants).

But enough about my inability to use a packing checklist. If you’re a vintage-lover like me, I can at least share a few tips about how to look darling and nostalgic when you’re on the road.

The key is to accessorize with vintage items. I love to tote along vintage tees when I travel (for comfort and kitsch), but I find most other vintage fabrics to struggle when confined to a suitcase. If you want to spend your time sightseeing instead of lugging a steamer everywhere, stay away from delicate fabrics. Go for the trimmings.My favorite vintage accessories for travel:

Earrings: The bigger the better, since I hate fumbling around to make sure I haven’t lost any tiny post earrings along the way. Even when you’re sticking to neutrals, earrings can add a loud pop of color.

Scarves: Choose a short one to tie around your neck, Frenchie-style, or choose a long scarf that you can wrap around your neck a few times. Scarves are good both for style and functionality—you’ll never be sorry you have one on a slightly chilly day.

Shoes: Really? Yes! If you have a pair of favorite, broken-in vintage shoes, you might as well show them off! I emphasize comfort here. It’s no good if you’re squeezing your piggies into some ultra-narrow pumps. I often grab the vintage Etienne Aigner booties shown here. Comfort + height + laces = happy traveler!

Bags: A bag can really set off an outfit, and that bag gets even better if it can fit your camera, passport, and array of technology goodies. One warning: Load up that bag before you leave home and carry it around for a while. If it seems too heavy to lug around while seeing the sights, it probably is. Opt for a light bag and some restraint in packing!

 What vintage accessories do you like to slip in your suitcase?

 Lisa Rowan is a vintage blogger and seller at Quarter Life.


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