I went to France, and all I got was this beret

Hi Wore Out readers – my name is Catherine, and I write the blog Small Town, Big Wardrobe. I’m so thankful Caitlin asked me to write a guest post – her blog was one of the first I connected with when I started fashion blogging, and I’ve been a devoted fan and reader ever since.

So confession time – I may have slightly exaggerated this post’s title. I did indeed to go on a vacation to France and get myself this red beret, but that’s not all: I also brought back World War II artifacts (for my dad, brother and stepbrothers), hundreds of photos, a complete awe at Paris and French culture in general, a desire to sell my soul for more Ladurée macarons – and then there were the clothes.

My amazing travel friends Olesia, Rosemary and Nicole and I were walking down the Champs-Élysées one night, past store after store filled with clothes we could not afford. Then we stumbled upon NAF NAF. Holy mother of clothing, it was amazing. So many clothes at affordable prices. On the Champs-Élysées. I was in fashion heaven. And after being warned about the Parisian attitude, we found complete kindness at this store – they even stayed open 45 minutes so we could finish trying on clothes and make our purchases.

I love a special piece of clothing with a story behind it – and when that story is from a once-in-ten-years vacation France, it becomes even more special to me. I still get a thrill out of wearing my special NAF NAF clothes and red beret.

And yes, I was that American tourist wearing a beret around Paris. Dream come true.

Thanks again Caitlin for asking me to guest-post! Come visit my blog or connect via Twitter or Facebook – I’d love to hear from you!


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