7 days from now…

I’ll be off on a much needed vacation, a cruise to the Bahamas.What does that mean for Wore Out…

1) Some seriously stylish ladies will guest blogging. I’m such big fans of each of these ladies, I couldn’t be more excited to have them!

2) I can change outfits multiple times a day (and since it’s vacation D will have to take my outfit photos for me) so stay tuned because I’ve packed some great pieces including a vintage paisley print turban, my new ASOS dress, and the vintage style bathing suit I had custom made (for under $35 dollars!)

3) There will definitely be packing induced panic. I’m the girl who brings two bags for a weekend getaway, so packing for a little over a week is a bit daunting. Sara over at Aqui  recently wrote a great post on packing light in which she suggests selecting a color palette before you start packing. In the past I would plan my outfits ahead of time to make sure I had all my bases covered but like Sara says in her post this left me with outfits that I no longer wanted to wear.

To get the most out of (and into) my suitcase I’ve decided to mix the two packing plans. I’ll select a color palette, sketch out a few outfits and then merge the two. Hopefully this will give me plenty of mixing and matching options while keeping my luggage lite. Now all I have to do is pick a color palette… any suggestions?

What would your vacation color palette look like? How do you pack for vacations/long trips? 

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5 responses to “7 days from now…

  1. YAY! My husband and I are thinking about going on our first cruise for our anniversary! I hope you have a great time!

  2. ummm I’m incredibly jealous! sounds like the PERFECT getaway!


  3. Sounds like soo much fun! I have yet to visit the Bahamas but its on my list! Can’t wait to see photos from your trip and I’m so glad that you enjoyed my post on packing light! Thanks for the shout out lady! Have a wonderful time!

  4. Lovely blog! Folowing with bloglovin!

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