Bike Path Beige

I love to think about the history behind the pieces in my wardrobe and jewelry collection. Wearing thrifted/gifted pieces gives the wearer the opportunity to take on a bit of the original owners style and I love that. Almost all the accessories in this outfit post were gifted to me and while they may not be the most expensive pieces in my collection they are among my most loved.

The vintage locket I’m wearing was a gift from our friends Nate and Jackie. The necklace originally belonged to Jackie’s Nana who has an extensive costume jewelry collection. It can be worn with the clasp on the back of the neck for a double strand look (as shown above) or as a longer single chain with the clasp in the middle of the necklace, creating two different but equally dramatic looks.

A similarly cherished gift is my luluB bracelet from luluB. designer Betsy Lloyd. The bracelet is perfect for stacking or subtly chic when worn alone and it gives off the same positive vibes as its maker. Another piece that gives me the warm and fuzzies is the watch D’s dad bought for him in the Caribbean. After catching me trying it on for the hundredth time D graciously passed it along to me. I’d been searching for a watch like it for years with no luck, so to be given one that was exactly what I’d always envisioned was a dream come true.

What pieces in your collection hold the most sentimental value?

4 responses to “Bike Path Beige

  1. Anything from my mom is very special to me. I also have a pair of long thin black gloves with little buttons up the sides that my grandma gave me. I love special pieces like that – they have a story behind them, and they’re very valuable to me!

    That locket is so gorgeous – it reminds me of my ancient Greek classes from college!

  2. Those are amazing accessories!

  3. Oh Nana would be so proud!

  4. Wow, that necklace is such a special piece.

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