Dressing Room Woes

While shopping for colored denim this weekend I had a thought; who’s the genius that believed harsh florescent lighting and obnoxiously loud music in dressing rooms would sell clothes? Because let me tell you, the only thing worse than realizing you’ve gone up a jean size is having to listen to crappy, auto-tuned music at full volume while you do it.

After almost loosing my shit my hearing in the Charlotte Ruse dressing room I headed to Pac Sun, at a friend’s urging, to try my luck with their selection of colored denim. The store was much more mellow and the salesgirl knew exactly what I wanted. I ended up leaving with the raspberry colored jeans from above as well as a pair of bright coral ones and I couldn’t be happier. They’re just as comfortable and casual as regular jeans but their color makes them seem dressier, opening up a ton of new wardrobe options.

Do you hate those types of dressing rooms as much as I do? What colored denim pieces do you have in your wardrobe?


10 responses to “Dressing Room Woes

  1. Lordy. Do NOT get me started on fitting room lighting. I do not understand the logic of some clothing retailers when it comes to fitting room lighting. BTW, I want peach colored skinnies please.

    • I’m glad it’s not just me Caro, I can’t find the logic in unflattering lighting and uncomfortable dressing rooms. These are huge parts of the customer’s experience and an unhappy customer isn’t a spendy customer!

  2. If they want you to purchase the clothes, they should make fitting rooms a much more serene and positive environment. Love the colored skinnies you are styling…especially with the addition of the yellow scarf!! I am looking for some red jeans, but I am not quite sure I can rock them!

    • I couldn’t agree more. I notice that in second hand stores, consignment shops and smaller local shops the dressing rooms are set up in such a way that I feel much more comfortable than I do in generic cubical style dressing rooms that large retailers have.

  3. Work it girl! I don’t have colored jeans yet, but I will have some on my way from Old Navy soon. I agree with Carolyn on fitting room lighting. And @rlutz, anyone can rock anything… you just have to rock it with the right stuff 😉

    • I’m loving my color jeans Aimee, we’ll have to do a 2 to 20 post about colored denim when yours arrives! What color(s) did you go with?

  4. Ugh. I hear ya. All the store music is just crappy. I have been OBSESSED with colored denim and on the hunt for decently priced ones of my own. My shopping list includes mint, coral and cobalt. Yay for you getting these ones. I will have to try Pac Sun now too!

  5. I have red jeans and bright blue jeans. They are so much fun to work with!

  6. I like the jeans! I don’t like most dressing rooms, which means I end up trying things at home and returning them sometimes.

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