Goodwill Glasses

Sunglasses: Goodwill, Scarf & Tank Dress (worn as skirt): Plato’s Closet, Moto Jacket: Forever 21, Mock Neck Turtleneck: Boutique in Georgia, Tights: Target, Boots: Old Navy, Lipstick: Iris Apfel for MAC, Party Parrot, Ring: Montreal St VendorFriday after work D and I made a quick trip to Goodwill to and as we were checking out I spotted these shades (and their $2.99 price tag) and decided that I couldn’t leave without them. I was drawn to the grey and gold color combination and the classic shape of the frames. They’re different from the sunglasses that I already have and since I’m rarely without my sunnies having a variety to choose from is key.

I thought that these glasses in particular were the perfect way to add a bit of softness to an otherwise dark outfit. This grey ribbed tank dress has proven to be one of the best layering pieces in my arsenal. Pulling double duty as a skirt or dress it looks great with layers over or under it and is curve hugging without being suffocating, basically it’s one of my favorites.

Speaking of favorites I’ve been wearing these Old Navy boots all winter and with each wear I only love them more. Paired with my new moto jacket from Forever 21 I was worried it looked like I was trying to hard to be tough so I tried to soften things up with a chunky knit scarf and bright pink lipstick. I bought the moto jacket for the winter to spring transition thinking it would be the perfect weight to wear over spring skirts and dresses but as usual I couldn’t wait to wear it. I’m not sure if this outfit struck the perfect balance but I think everything came together well in the end.

What spring pieces are you itching to wear? Do you have a variety of inexpensive sunglasses or do you prefer to invest in one nice pair?


7 responses to “Goodwill Glasses

  1. When I try to pin your posts I don’t get a photo. Can you get a pin button on your blog?

    • Really Lynn? Hum… I’ll look into this and will add a “Pin It’ button asap! I have all of my outfits (starting with Jan 1 of this year) up on my pinterest boards, which you can follow by clicking on the pinterest button in my right sidebar.

  2. what a great find! i love those sunglasses. i actually have quite a few cheap pairs and one really nice pair from Ralph Lauren. But i never wear them because I’m afraid they’ll get lost! I love your boots too. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my blog! ❤


    • My sunglass collection sounds very similar to yours Toni, I have two nice pairs that I invested in and keep in their respective cases 90% of the time and then I have my day to day wear ones that get tossed right in my bag!

  3. I tired those glasses on!!!! They didn’t fit my face 😦 But I’m glad you got them 🙂

    • Aimee the more time we spend together the more obvious it becomes that we are soul sisters! I also fell in love with a lilac prom dress that just screamed “Gone with the Wind” but D was with me so frivolous buying was forbidden!

  4. those sunnies look awesome on you! I love a good find from goodwill 🙂


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