A Joyful Pursuit; an afternoon with LuluB Designs

Spend more than five minutes with LuluB jewelry designer Betsy Lloyd and her passions quickly become clear. Warm and down to earth Betsy seems to glow when she talks about her design work and efforts to spread joy while giving back, but it’s nothing compared to when she talks about her daughter. So it’s no surprise that the idea of spreading joy with jewelry came to Betsy while she was rocking her daughter to sleep one night. “I wanted to create pieces that were physical reminders to find the joy in everyday and I knew I wanted to give back and that’s how the idea for LuluB Designs and eventually the Joy Project came together.”
The Joy Collection features a chic sterling silver bangle (below) inscribed with the Sanskrit word for joy and a classic pendent with the same inscription in sterling silver or gold (above). As a way to give back ten percent of the sales from Joy Collection purchases are donated in the purchasers name to an organization committed to spreading joy.“When you wear the pieces from the Joy Collection, especially the bangle, you are reminded to stop even if it’s just for a second and find the joy in everyday and I think that’s so important!”

Sitting at her kitchen table surrounded by dozens of her beautifully crafted pieces joy can be seen in everything from rough cut emerald earrings to a stunning aquamarine pendent. Betsy shares a bit about each piece with me as I pull them aside to be photographed. Her face lights up as she introduces me to them lovingly, “each piece is personal; I have a love for each piece I make.” Betsy explains and when I meet the citrine nugget earrings from her Downtown Collection (above) I experience a bit of that love at first sight.

With Valentine ’s Day fast approaching (only two weeks from today) Betsy’s collections offer something for every style and budget and since all of her stones are purchased in small batches each piece is unique. Here are three of Betsy’s favorites for this Valentine’s Day:

Multicolored Agate Bracelet $48Lapis Earrings $78Rough Cut Emerald Earrings ($98) & Necklace ($128)

Thank you so much to Betsy for sharing her beautiful pieces with me, it was inspiring to hear someone with so much passion talk about their work. And now you can own a piece of that passion at 20% off! Betsy is graciously giving all Wore Out readers 20% off everything on her website until Valentine’s Day, including the Joy Collection! What better way to spread joy and show your love this Valentine’s than with beautifully handcrafted piece from LuLuB? Just follow this link and start shopping!

Want to learn more about Betsy, the Joy Project or LuluB Designs? Follow LuluB on  facebook & twitter!


5 responses to “A Joyful Pursuit; an afternoon with LuluB Designs

  1. Such beautiful designs, i like the simplicity and elegance. Thanks for sharing.


  2. I own a few of her pieces and they are so Fab! I get compliments on them wherever I go. I must send you a picture of the earring she made me, they are one of a kind and absolutely stunning! By the way I totally love wore out as well. You have such a cool style.

    • I’m so glad you found Wore Out Stacy! I’d love to see pictures of the pieces Betsy made for you, send them along and I post them! I love that each of Betsy’s pieces are one of a kind, it makes them all the more special.

  3. I love Betsy Lloyd’s motivation behind her work to make people stop and find the joy in everyday life. Especially, through the use of Sanskrit. It’s very creative.

    Very seldom do I wear jewelry, but there’s a ring I bought that reminds me of the necklace and bangle shown here. The ring has an ancient Tibetan prayer written in Sanskrit, “man Om Mani Padme Hum”, or hail to the jewel in the lotus. Tibetan Buddhist believe that if you say it out loud or to yourself you’ll have the blessing of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion and a sense of realization for perfect wisdom. The same goes if you view the prayer in writing. But, it’s more than just a call for blessing, but a reminder to the importance of compassion for the benefit of others and not just for profit, social position, or the like.

    I love pieces such as these, including Lloyd’s jewelry.

    Hope I didn’t babble nonsense just now. I’m a sucker for anything that reminds me of the ancients, including written language 🙂


    • Thank you so much for your comment Julie, I’m glad you find Betsy’s jewelry and story as inspiring as I do. I’d love if you’d send me a picture of the ring you mentioned in your comment, it sounds beautiful.

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