Oxfords and Old Lady Gifts

Vintage Sunglasses: Gifted, Scarf: Florence, Italy, Blazer: Goodwill, Sweater: Gifted, Jeans: Levi’s, Oxfords: Target, Blue Ring: Charlotte Ruse, Etienne Aigner Bag: Gifted, Lipstick: Strawberry Suede (Revlon)I wore this casual weekend ensemble to the grocery store with D yesterday and was very impressed (and exceedingly proud) when he commented, “wearing the ole oxfords today babe?” Little things like that warm my heart.

On the weekends I like to keep things simple and since this look is just jeans and a tee but with more layers it fit the bill perfectly. Nothing is more comfortable than my Levi’s boyfriend jeans; they fit perfectly and can be rolled or cuffed a ton of different ways so they work with everything from booties to heels to flats. Since we’ve been having an unusually mild winter this year I was plenty warm in my cable knit sweater, navy blazer and a scarf.

My sunglasses and bag were gifted to me by guy friends which I find humorous because fashion isn’t a priority for either of them. The sunglasses were a gift from my childhood best friend. They originally belonged to his Grandmother and when she was getting ready to throw them away he put them aside for me saying, “I figured you’d like them since they look old ladyish.”

My other friend Josh, who does a lot of buying, selling and trading on ebay and craigslist, called me when he found a box of “old lady bags and hats” in a lot of items he purchased. Josh didn’t want to deal with them and said I could have the  box of “old lady accessories” for free as long as I took everything. While there were a few dozen crappy eyeglass cases to sort through, I ended up coming away with some beautiful leather bags, including a few more Etienne Aigner bags, two stunning faux fur pillbox hats and an older Gucci bag.

I’m not sure why I remind my guy friends of an old lady or if I should be offended but it’s worked out well for me so far, so why change it?

What are some of your favorite gifted  wardrobe items? How do your friends describe your personal style?

19 responses to “Oxfords and Old Lady Gifts

  1. I love the jeans and the shoes together. Great outfit!

    • Thanks Stephanie, I can’t believe that it’s warm enough in January to go without socks! Are you having an unusually warm winter on the West coast as well?

  2. OMGosh old lady gifts are the BEST! I love your bag and kudos to your bf for recognizing the kind of shoe. My fiance pulls that out sometimes and I get all mushy inside! This is a great casual look and I love the bun!

    • I’m glad I’m not the only one who rocks old lady chic Frannie! I’ve had other male friends call me out on my grandmotherly habits before (specifically how I always seem to have tissues with me)!

  3. Love the bag and the shoes.

  4. Maybe that’s their way of saying you like vintage, nothing to be offended about. Love the Bag. Nice outfit.

  5. Is your hair naturally wavy? It has so much body all the time. I’m so jealous. It looks lovely even when pulled up.

    • Actually Steffy if left to it’s own devices my hair will almost immediately turn into an giant red afro! My hair is extremely thick and naturally curly so I do my best to tame it during the work week.

  6. Oh man…the times I’ve had someone say to me:
    “I figured you’d like them since they look old ladyish.”
    …it’s obscene!

    • So glad it’s not just me Lori Lynn! I’m down with looking like a crazy grandma, can’t imagine what I’ll be wearing when I’m actually an old lady!

  7. Your guy friends have great taste. Those sunglasses are so great. I really love this entire look.

  8. Hehe..You have some very nice guy friends 🙂 And you totally look super chic in this outfit. I love the bag!!

  9. Those are some cute oxfords. My friends and I don’t usually give clothes as gifts.

  10. barbie-bombshell.blogspot.com

    thanks for the comment onl lorilynns page! thats sweet of you to say ❤

    would love to follow eachother?
    i don't see your tab though…?

    hugs, xo

  11. So now I want to go to Florence if only to get a scarf like that. Well ok, maybe there are a few other reasons! I have been meaning to get oxfords this year and never got around to it, and of course I regret that because as usual you make them look adorable and girly! I would totally wear these with a flirty dress. They’re so cute!

    • Catherine you would love Florence, go as soon as possible! I fell in love with fashion while I was there and wish I could back now that I’ve figured a few more things out style wise. If you have a target anywhere near you I’d suggest checking and seeing if they have these oxfords. I bought them for around $8 and they are as comfortable as can be!

  12. This look is beautiful. I especially love your shoes and your hair is amazing. I love that you remind your friend of an old lady. Maybe it’s because you’re classy and timeless? Yeah. Go with that.

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