In Neutral

Sunglasses & Stag Ring: Downtown Threads, Knit Scarf: Plato’s Closet, Faux Fur Vest: Gifted, Sweater: Forever 21, Blue Stone Ring: Gifted, Jeans: Consignment Shop in Philadelphia, Boots: Jeffery CampbellTaking outfit pictures in single digit weather has been a blessing in disguise. In an effort to minimize the amount of time I’m without my coat, hat or mittens I all but cut out my habit of agonizing over reviewing shots the moment after they’re takne. Instead I take a test shot while I’m still bundled up to check the lighting and framing, set the timer on my camera, quickly remove my outerwear and jump in front of the lens.

My abbreviated approach to taking outfit photos has made me more cognizant of what I want to capture with each shot and I think has improved the overall quality of my shots. I’ve also found that since I’m not  critiquing reviewing each shot down to the final detail I’m able to relax, making the shots feel and look more natural.

For this post I used all but one of the shots I took and was really happy with the way they turned out. I wanted comfort (and warmth) to be paramount since my work calendar was booked to the gills so I kept my look casual and opted for layers of neutrals. The chunky knit scarf lent texture and depth to the look and highlighted the lighter tones in the vest. Since the color palette I was working with was largely neutral I relied on bolder accessories like my gold rimmed aviators and stag ring to give it that little something extra.

What’s your process for taking outfit photos? How do you “punch up” neutral color palettes?


9 responses to “In Neutral

  1. You look like Kate Hudson in Almost Famous. Also, your legs are a million miles long in these shots!

  2. My process is nearly identical with the exception of my “shoe shots”. Those are the hardest! I really love your photos! The coat and boots are great!

  3. I think your pictures look great!! I am in love with these photos. The colors are gorgeous, and you look fabulous as usual! Those boots are amazing.

    And now I desperately need a giant turquoise cocktail ring. 🙂

  4. Those truly are a pair of the coolest bad “a” boots I’ve ever seen!!! Love this whole look, but trying desperately not to covet those boots! Hugs! ~Serene

  5. The neutrals work well because of all those nice textures.

  6. those boots! I love the pop of color!

    When I’m wearing neutral outfits, I try to add color with accessories (jewelry, shoes, a scarf, a cardigan) whatever. Or if it’s a dress I throw on really bright tights. Good times.

  7. LOVE this look! the shoes are absolutely fab!


    Fashion Fractions

  8. The jeans fit perfectly. Love it.

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