Color Mixing Superstition

Glasses: Eyefly, Blazer: UO, Dress and Tights: Target, Booties: Old Navy, Watch: Thrifted, Lipstick: Party Parrot, Iris Apfel for MAC I’ve never really bought into the superstition surrounding Friday the 13th. My first kiss was on Friday the 13th and while that relationship was short lived (as most relationships that begin on school buses are) I lay no blame on the date.

I may not buy into it but Friday the 13th seemed like the perfect excuse to give a new outfit a whirl. I know it’s hard to tell in these photos but my tights are actually a deep plum color. I liked how the jewel tone tights and almost metallic teal color of the dress complimented each other. I’m pretty hesitant when it comes to mixing colors but since these tights were such a deep purple I figured they would act as a neutral.

I bought this brocade dress almost two years ago and now it’s a bit too big so I used the skinny black belt to give it more shape. While belting it was a quick fix I think for the long run I’m either going to consign it or have it taken in. There’s no use letting ill fitting clothes take up precious closet space!

 Are you comfortable mixing colors or do you tend to wear a lot of neutrals? How often do you have clothes altered? Do you use a tailor or DIY?

8 responses to “Color Mixing Superstition

  1. cute dress! it looks fab with your hair color!

    ❤ steffy

  2. My client was telling me this morning that if something good happens to you on Friday the 13th then that day will be lucky for the rest of your life. She then proceeded to tell us know that was the day she got her first boyfriend in 4th grade. So here’s to a lucky Friday the 13th!

  3. I don’t buy into Friday the 13th either. Just another day, I say. I love this dress on you and I actually think it looks great on you-big or not!

    • You are too sweet Frannie! The more I look at it the more I like this dress, I think it will be great in the spring time too.

  4. I tried commenting on this but it didnt save boo. I love your hair.

  5. You look amazing! Great dress, great way to make it work! I love the whole shebang!

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