Fashionably Historical – Marie Antoinette

History was my passion long before fashion so it seems fitting to pay tribute to one of my favorite ladies (and style icons) in all of European history, Marie Antoinette. A young woman at the time of her marriage to Louis XVI, Marie Antoinette could not fully grasp the political or social expectations that would be thrust upon her once she assumed the role of France’s queen. This overwhelming pressure combined with her well documented love for fashion and other fineries makes her one the most fashionable and misunderstood figures in history.

Inspired by the rich colors, opulent accessories and delicate floral patterns typical of Marie and Louis XVI’s reign …and the fact that Mitt Romney recently compared Mrs. Obama to Marie Antoinette… I put together a few things that any modern day Marie might enjoy. Want more? Check out my Pinterest!

Clockwise from bottom left: chair, clutch, hat, dress, glasses, converse, throw, sweets, jeans, heels, headband, cameo set, flats, blazer (similar), & bustier

What historical figures have inspired your style?


3 responses to “Fashionably Historical – Marie Antoinette

  1. Super cute collection of things!! Makes me long for spring pick nicks 🙂

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