Frozen Fields

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Sweater: Bought/Made in Ireland,  Button-Up: Goodwill, Belt: via Quarter Life Vintage, Leggings: Target, Boots: BlowfishThis past Saturday D and I spent the day in Orwell, Vermont visiting his parents and enjoying an unseasonably warm January day. I love the drive to D’s parent’s house; the further you get from Burlington the more rural and open the landscape becomes until it’s just rolling green hills on both sides of you with the mountains and lake in the distance.

I kept things comfortable and casual for our weekend adventure with the handmade sweater I picked up in Ireland, my favorite chambray shirt and leggings. I was surprised how well my boots did considering D and I spent the afternoon tromping through the woods before the sun magically came out and we ran for the nearest clearing, a neighbor’s corn field.

What comfortable/casual pieces do you swear by?


9 responses to “Frozen Fields

  1. That location is gorgeous. I’ve always thought Vermont has the best landscape of all the states I’ve visited. Your outfit is quite lovely too, especially that sweater. It looks so amazingly comfy!

    For me my fall-back comfy clothes are my long sweaters and geeky tshirts. Fashionable? Not so much, but comfy? Hells yea!

    • Thanks Meg! When were you in Vermont/where did you get to visit? It was hard to see in the pictures but everything was covered in frost so the field looked like it was full of diamonds. Isn’t it funny how beautiful farm land can be?

  2. Such gorgeous photos!! I have never been up to New England, and I’d love to go. And wear a sweater from Ireland while I’m there!

    Jeans are my comfy uniform. It’s a race the minute I get home after work to put them on! If it’s cold out, I love me a good thermal too!

    • Catherine you crack me up! When I get home it’s a race to put on leggings and take off my bra! You would love New England, if you do decide to visit I’d suggest coming in the late summer/early fall, everything is so lush around that time. Oh and I’d also suggest that you come to visit me as well.

  3. What a magical moment captured on (digital!) film in a field! More inspiration to visit Vermont 😉 Thank you for supporting Quarter Life Vintage!!

  4. We are having a warm January in the Midwest too. It is supposed to hit 50 today!

  5. I love this look! A chunky sweater + button down + belt = perfection.


  6. I truly dream of my hair doing this. It doesn’t. Such a superb look!

  7. Michael B. King

    I’ve never seen our land look so beautiful! 🙂

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