Leopards, Aviators & Cargos

Sunnies: Downtown Threads, Blazer: Goodwill, Sweater: Forever 21, Cargos: Levi’s, Boots: MIA via 6pm, Ring: Florence, ItalyWhen I bought these boots I couldn’t wait to wear them but when they arrived I struggled with how to style them. I waited and waited but the perfect event to debut these beauties never came. Finally I just got over it all and wore them to the grocery store (my favorite testing ground for outfits) and it’s been love ever since.

The classic shape and faded leopard print make transitioning these boots from day to night a snap. I wanted the boots to really pop so I paired them with a twist on a classic trouser and blazer look.

Sometimes you have to wear a piece before you can figure it out.

What pieces in your wardrobe are you still trying to figure out?


5 responses to “Leopards, Aviators & Cargos

  1. I love this look, it makes the boots look more casual and relaxed.

    I just bought some red skinny jeans (and they are *bright* red) and I haven’t worn them yet, as I just bought them yesterday, but I’m already questioning what the heck I’m going to pair them with! We shall see.

    • Steffy, I’ve been looking for a pair of red skinny jeans forever. I tried on a few pairs over Christmas but none of them worked. Can’t wait to see how you style them!

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMGGGGGGGG Cait, I want these boots! They are so fantastic and I love the fading! Makes them look vintage, which, of course, I love. Great look! Wishing you the best in 2012!

  3. Oh those boots!! They are fabulous! I love how you styled the blazer too – I just got a navy one for Christmas – I’m definitely trying it out with green pants!

  4. I don’t think I will ever not be obsessed with these boots!

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