Last Minute Alterations

Please tell me I’m not the only one who spent the night before the office party altering a handmade 60’s frock. With the help of my friend Nicole and about a roll of fabric fuse I was able to trim close to a foot off this party frock and I ended up loving the final look. With the dress on inside out I kind of look like a Flintstone

This length (and lighting) weren’t doing me any favors so I decided to take the dress up to an inch or two above my knee. Originally I’d planned on “hemming” the dress by turning it inside out, folding it on itself and safety pinning it at the seems. Quick and easy, yes. Flattering… not so much. It created an awkward bubble hem situation that was all wrong. Since the safety pin plan was a bust Nicole helped me pin the dress up and then after a few glasses of wine to calm my nerves I cut close to a foot off the dress.

We turned the dress inside out again, pinned the lining to the correct height and then slowly used the fabric fuse to create a quick hem. We repeated the process with the actual dress fabric creating a thread and needle free hem. Blazer: Zara, Dress: Downtown Threads, Belt: Taken from another dress, Tights: TJ Maxx, Heels: Michael Antonio via Endless

Have you had to make any last minute alterations? What are some of your quick fashion fixes?

11 responses to “Last Minute Alterations

  1. I will confess to using Scotch tape. Hey, in a pinch, you do what you have to do!

    I love this outfit on you!! Cutting as much as you did off was genius – it flatters you so much more! The pink flowers in the print really compliment your hair well, and wearing gray tights instead of black was the way to go.

    • I’ve totally used scoth and duct tape for last minute outfit repairs before. This fabric fuse is going straight into my travel kit, it has so many practical applications, including taping your dress to your bra!

  2. Wow, those alterations look fantastic! I really love the length now and I like how you pared it with a blazer. Very classy ❤

    • Thanks Meg, hemming the dress made such a difference. Have a wonderful holiday and you must be so excited about your new job starting up soon!

  3. Great job with the last minute alterations…love the shorter legnth! You look fabulous! Hope you have a great holiday!

  4. Well played, I love it with the blazer, very chic!

  5. Whoa. That was amazing. I have a sewing machine that I only use for hemming pants. I have no idea how to make anything else. This dress looks incredible. Great job.

  6. This looks so great.

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  8. Brillance! I was on the verge of buying a sewing machine to hem things- but this is waaaaaaaaaay simpler!

    • It was so easy to use the tape, let me know if you have any questions and I’d love to see your before and after pictures!

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