My Weekend in Snapshots

Still figuring out what to wear with my new patterned tightsAm I the only one who anticipated ‘Glitter Mallows’ being delicious marshmallows covered in edible bling?Inspired by my outfit D and I sipped Black & Tan’s Friday night.On our Saturday morning coffee run we spotted some holiday wildlife on Church street (there were also mini horse pulled cart rides, we declined)Love how well the red bow waist belt defines the silhouetteHoliday cookies my friend Nicole and I made Sunday afternoon, can you tell D helped decorate?

Still no word on when the computer will be fixed so I’m not sure when I’ll be back to my regular posting habits but stick around because this week I’m guest posting on  some great blogs, whipping up holiday inspired DIY projects for your home and wardrobe, and as always I’ve got an outfit post or two up my sleeve.

6 responses to “My Weekend in Snapshots

  1. I’ve never heard of Glitter ‘Mallows, but they sound like they would be fun.

  2. EWWW, glitter marshmallows? haha. Oh my god. Dying. Love those patterned tights honey. And those cookies just made me drool. So, now I’m gross. Thanks.


  3. It’s hard to see the tights from this angle, but they look like a messed up plaid pattern in black and white? If so, go total prep with it. Pair it with your red skirt!

    • Leah you are such a genius! The tights are indeed black and off white checkered/plaid and I am in love with the idea of wearing them with my red skirt! Oh Oh Oh!

  4. love those tights. And now you’ve got me raving cookies.

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