Cold Weather Credibility

Hat: c/o Downtown Threads, Sunnies: Zinnia, Cardi & Flannel: Goodwill, Long Sleeve Top: Florence, Italy, Tank (not pictured): Charlotte Ruse, Floral Bracelet: shop in Portsmouth, NH, Ring: Street Vendor in Montreal, Resin Coated Jeans: Levi’s (via Plato’s Closet), Boot Slippers: TargetI had D snap these pictures as we were heading out for an afternoon of errands and Christmas Tree hunting this past weekend. It was a beautiful sunny day and I was more than comfortable thanks to my many layers. On our way downtown we walked past a couple who were bundled up in down coats, gloves, hats, and scarves. We both chuckled because neither of us was wearing a coat and we were plenty warm.

When D commented on how “cold hearty” I’d become I couldn’t help but feel a little smug. For all of the weather challenges Vermont throws at me at least I’ve got one aspect somewhat figured out… now all I have to do is figure out how to wear heels in the winter and I’ll be set!

Some layering tips:

  • Avoid looking bulky by starting with your thin layers and building up. I usually start with a tank or tee that is somewhat tight fitting
  • Play with colors, textures and fabrics to add interest to your layers
  • Layering isn’t just for your top half. Layering tights is a great way to get a fun unique look and I’m really loving thigh/knee high socks over tights and under shorts or skirts
  • A scarf is the perfect final layer, look for a color that ties all of your pieces together or opt for a bold color or pattern to add interest to a more monochromatic layered look

What are some of your layering tips?


10 responses to “Cold Weather Credibility

  1. thanks for the layering tips, it’s fun to do layering, I wish I could do more of it if not for the all year round summer heat. You look nice in casual laid back looks too, the beret is really cute and I like the interesting accessories.


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  2. I really need to learn what to look for at a thrift store. I have the hardest time finding stuff that I like (or that fits). Probably because I’m almost 6 feet tall so nothing is long enough in the sleeves or the legs. But I love that cardigan, and I won’t give up! I try to go a thrifting once a week, but mostly I end up with books. : )

    • Believe it or not Stephanie, that cardigan is from the boy’s section. Thrifting is all about trying everything on, even if it’s not your size, I always weave through the isles once then head to the dressing room with a huge cart!

  3. I LOVE the ring and bracelet!

  4. Love those boot slippers, they look so comfy warm.

    My favorite thing in the winter now is fur lined boots. I have wonderful ones from Blowfish. They are so warm I don’t even need socks most of the time unless it is super cold out. That, and tights, are the best layering tricks ever.

    • I love these boots too Steffy. I usually wear these around the house and not outside but I cut the back of my heel on our washing machine (don’t ask) and these were one of the few pairs of shoes that didn’t hurt to walk in.

  5. Layering is such a must for 3/4 seasons of the year. Great tips! I still am not over the tights + knee socks trend (obviously). This is a great look for running around doing holiday stuff. Great look Cait!

  6. Love your plaid flannel 🙂 This is fall layering at its best!

  7. Love your layers…I am not a fan of dragging around a heavy coat, so I love layering sweaters and shirts!! Such a great hat and that ring is fabulous!

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