Wore Out Sunday Style Series

Hi all! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and adequate time to digest your food baby. This Sunday Matt Sisto of Reality Venture Capital takes a break from his holiday celebrations to talk reality TV, top coats and Sephora.

This Sunday Style Series is being complete by: Matt Sisto

Your “book flap” blurb: I’m Matt, I’m 28, and I’m from Greenwich, CT. I went to prep school in Connecticut before going to college at UVM but after graduating I couldn’t bring myself to leave. Vermont is way too awesome.  I’ve been in Burlington ever since, working occasionally but also taking time to try my hand at fiction writing and seeing the world. Last August I started Reality VC, a company that runs reality television fantasy leagues, vtresponse, and hopefully one day micro-finances other websites and small businesses.

Mostly though I hang out with my dog Ava, watch reality television, and blog about it. I’ll play tennis with anyone willing to hit it around, drink whiskey on weekends, and will travel with anyone willing to go anywhere at pretty much any time. I’m also addicted to clothes shopping and Sephora.

Style is:  About personality. For me it’s a mix of old-school New England prep with splashes of 2011, be it a hooded-sweater/sweatshirt, some “fresh” kicks, and a pair of jeans. I forget where I heard this quote, but dressing like a gentleman means discriminating taste, dressing with care, and then forgetting all about it.

Most days I’m: Khakis, sweater, sneakers. Winter though: always my navy Brooks Brothers top coat.

The adjectives that best describe my personal style: Classic with Nike Kobe Bryant Zoom VI’s (that’s an adjective plus prepositional phrase, but it works).

I feel most myself when I’m wearing: Definitely my brass buttoned sport coat, I just wish I had more of occasions to wear it.

Wearing {any new tie/shirt combo} always puts a little extra swagger in my step.

My most cringe worthy fashion moment: When I was fifteen I used to wear sparkly acrylic shirts to school dances. Cringe!

Some of my best ideas have come to me while I was: Long car rides or post work out shower. Always.

I would love to do an apprenticeship with: GQ. Write about fashion and culture all day? Sweet parties? Sign me up!

Thank you so much to Matt for taking time out of your insane schedule to chat with Wore Out! If you secretly love trashy TV as much as I do (yes, I keep up with the Kardashian’s) than you wont want to miss out of Reality VC’s Kardashian and Real Housewives fantasy leagues. Besides, if your boyfriend has to watch every NFL game to “keep up with his fantasy team” (like mine) than it’s only fair that you be able to watch Kim & Kourtney take New York to keep up with your Kardashian bracket. Right?


One response to “Wore Out Sunday Style Series

  1. I love your Sunday Style Series!

    And I find long car rides to be great creative times for me as well! : )

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