Wore Out Sunday Style Series

When I started this series I intended to survey a small sampling of friends and acquaintances whose style I admired. I found myself most interested in what men had to stay about their style and decided to survey just men for the month of November.

This decision is particularly fitting since this week Jason Oberholtzer, a social media savvy musician is currently participating in Movember. Movember raises awareness and money for men’s health, it also gives a lot of men the push they need to confidently rock facial hair. An 80s mustache requires serious swagger ladies; I hope you appreciate.

This Sunday Style Survey is being completed by: Jason Oberholtzer

Your “Book Flap Blurb”: Jason Oberholtzer is a writer, blogger, composer and musician living in Cambridge, Mass. He is the co-founder and curator of the popular Tumblog, I Love Charts and a contributor for Forbes.com.

To me style is: The conversation you have with your imagined self and your ideal self, and the presentation of that conversation to others. Sometimes style is a subconscious reflection of your self-image, sometimes a conscious one, but it can also influence the way you feel about yourself and present yourself. Dress for the mindset you want.

“My style was once referred to as Alt-Douche, in a loving way, so try and figure that one out.”

Most days I’m: In black jeans. Pretty much every day. They go with everything (matching be damned) and never need washing.

The verb that best describes my personal style is: Curate.

I feel most myself when I’m wearing: T-shirt, jeans, sneakers. Sorry, not too fancy of an answer.

Wearing {any coat/jacket I really like} always puts a little extra swagger in my step. I love a good coat or jacket; the choice often determines my attitude for the day. Peacoat means business. Old, worn autumn jacket means comfort. I have a vintage Jack Nicklaus golf jacket that means I’m feeling good enough to talk to women, and a white leather jacket (see below) that probably means I’m drunk.

My most cringe worthy fashion moment was: I wore a white, Italian leather jacket out one New Years, which almost made my date leave me. However, some drunk Australian guy in the bathroom of a bar told me (while he was on the floor, praying to the toilet) that my jacket was “f***king awesome” and that I should “wear it with f***king pride,” so that is exactly what I did. The jacket is still here. The girl isn’t.

Some of my best ideas have come to me while I was: Driving.

I would love to do an apprenticeship with: So many people. Let’s go with the first one that popped into my mind and say Flying Lotus.

I hate to admit it but I know every word to: The entirety of the first Third Eye Blind album.

My last impulse purchase was: An Xbox in preparation for Mass Effect 3, which doesn’t come out until March…

I’d love to add more shoes to my wardrobe. I haven’t really made a move on it yet, but I feel a kick-buying spree coming on.

Thank you so much to for taking the time to complete this survey Jason! Love Jason’s sweet stache? Check out his Movember page for more information about the movement, Jason’s stache and how to get involved!


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  1. I love this feature! 🙂

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