Wore Out’s Look of the Week

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner, when did this happen? I’m already feeling the Christmas anxiety setting in!

One of my favorite ways to quell holiday anxiety is to curl up on the couch and catch up on my favorite blogs. One blog that always warms my heart and inspires my wardrobe is none other than Wore Out’s look of the week…

Lora from Madam DonutThis broad has serious style (and I have a serious style crush)! Outfit after outfit Lora’s looks inspire me to see the pieces hanging in my closet in a totally different, stylish new light. She’s an expert when it comes to layering and making unexpected colors, textures and patterns work together in fashionista harmony.

The vibrant vintage dress she’s wearing is perfect with her fun pattern tights and vintage cardigan. In fact she added the fur collar to the cardigan herself! I think what draws me most to Lora’s style is that her style seems effortless and fluid. Each piece fits together perfectly creating a finished look that is both stylish and surprising.

I mean what else is there to say? She’s got an amazing eye for fashion and an unmatched penchant for donuts; pretty much she’s the coolest chic around. So make sure you stop by her blog often for inspiration, witty commentary and stunning vintage pieces.

What bloggers/blogs have inspired you lately?


6 responses to “Wore Out’s Look of the Week

  1. I love Lora!!! Such a perfect choice! 🙂

  2. I like those glasses, and her fur trimmed sweater.

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