It’s Abstract… my first DIY

No, this isn’t my first ever DIY (give me a little credit) but it is my first time blogging one of my DIY project (cut me a little slack).

I set out to stencil leaves on this extra large glass tumbler to create a centerpiece for a holiday table post I did for Goodwill of Northern New England.

I felt confident about my spray painting skills after a few test runs and decided I was ready to start painting for real.

side note: I didn’t take into consideration that my test surfaces were flat and my centerpiece wasn’t…

The curved, smooth surface caused the spray paint to drip and pool. After staring at the mess I’d made for a bit I stared to like the patterns the paint drips had left (maybe it was just the paint fumes).  I decided to modify my approach and found three or four leaves in a variety of shapes and sizes to use not as stencils but stamps.

I lightly coated each leaf with spray paint and then quickly “stamped” them around the glass. There was no rhyme or reason to how I applied each stamp and no two “stamps” turned out the same.

I really like how the piece turned out and I think it made the perfect centerpiece for my holiday table.

What DIY projects do you have planned for the holiday season?

5 responses to “It’s Abstract… my first DIY

  1. Your centerpiece is lovely! What I really love though is that you took fall leaves and incorporated them into winter decor. Such a smart idea! As for DIYs, I’m planning on making a 12 days of DIY event for my blog starting in December 😀 So I’ve got lots of fun ideas floating around in my head. 😀

  2. Lovely. I don’t DIY. I’m just not artsy in that way.

  3. That is a cute idea!

  4. One more DIY on my list

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