Carol Brady vs Canadian Tuxedo

Vintage Cardigan: Downtown Threads*, Denim Button-up: Walmart, Belt: Goodwill, Jeans: H&M, Oxford Wedges: Forever 21I suppose I should have figured out what this pipe was for before I decided to sit on it, but I was more concerned with not being seen taking pictures of myself. I fell in love with this cardigan as soon as I saw it at Downtown Threads. The print just screamed Carol Brady; and who doesn’t want to look like Florence Henderson in her prime.

I decided to play up the 70’s look and went for a denim on denim base. I’ve really been drawn to 70’s inspired silhouettes this fall, I like how they’re fun but classic and chic. These high waisted jeans from H&M were one of my favorite purchases for fall, I was unsure about them originally but the more I style them the more I love them.

What has inspired your style lately?  

11 responses to “Carol Brady vs Canadian Tuxedo

  1. Haha, I love the Canadian Tuxedo reference. Awesome!
    This silhouette looks fantastic on you though, especially those pants 😀

  2. This is a very stylish Carol Brady if I ever saw one! You look great in this denim on denim look and I love the sweater! Good thing the pipe thing worked out 😉

  3. I want that sweater! Love the outfit!

  4. You rock the 70s SOOO well! That sweater is awesome. I can totally see it with brightly-colored skirts, shoes, etc., but I have got to say the jeans are perfect with it!

  5. Wow, the 70’s never looked so good. love that blazer.

  6. I was seriously obsessed with the Brady Bunch for years – you are totally modernizing the ’70s vibe and you look awesome!

  7. So happy to see you wearing those jeans again. They look amazing on you. Oh, that cardigan is killing me. So freak’n cute. I love it.


  8. I love the cardigan pattern — definitely helps break up the jean-on-jean elements. This is such a cute outfit. 🙂 I loved the Brady Bunch, especially because it gave me some insight into what my parents probably wore when they were younger …

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