Wore Out Sunday Style Series!

I was so excited when Christopher Brown of Burlington Twentysomethings agreeded to be a part of Wore Out’s Sunday Style Series. I met Chris at a tweetup in Burlington a few months ago and it was style crush at first sight! We share a love of shoes, sunglasses and accessories and Chris swears that the size of  his shoe collection surpasses mine… a feat I find both admirable and enviable.

(right to left): Chris, Caity Patey, Social Media Strategist at OGE in Burlington, and I pose for a picture at the B20’s Partysomthings event on November 4th. 

This Sunday Style Survey is being completed by: Christopher Brown

What’s your “Book Flap Blurb”:  I’m a 27 year old Burlington native with a degree in Biology from UVM. After I said ‘screw med school’ I spent a few years in AmeriCorps helping to run amazing non-profit called DREAM. I dabbled in politics before landing a season gig at Banana Republic that turned into a career path. I’ve worked my way up and I’m currently the Customer Experience Manager. Outside of that, I helped found Burlington Twentysomethings and currently serve as Social Media Director as well as helping to conduct and edit interviews.

I’m also very active with Lyric Theatre Co – both off and on stage; I was most recently seen on stage last spring in ‘Chicago’.  I worked backstage on the current production of ‘Hairspray’ and am co-directing & choreographing Lyric’s First Night Cabaret. I volunteer with Outright VT as a facilitator, just finished my 3rd half marathon, started training for my first full marathon and  I’m head over heels in love with my new nephew. On days off, you can find me in the kitchen or hiking. I love to spend my nights with friends, enjoying wine and good conversation.

To me style is: the window into someone’s personality. Shows the risks we are willing to take, our level of confidence, our sense of creativity, our ability to think in and outside the box. Also, it should always be evolving and changing.

Most days I’m: Busy with work, friends and one of the side projects I take part in. Style wise: I start with the basics and build my wardrobe around them. I then use accessories to make everything more interesting / fun / seasonal / me.

Chris (center) rocking his signature bow tie and boat shoe combinations

The verb that best describes my personal style is: Verb, eh? Not adjective? Hmmm…evolving. Adjective, I would say…quirky.

I feel most myself when I’m wearing: Rolled jeans, boat shoes and a t-shirt.

Wearing one of my bowties always puts a little extra swagger in my step.

My most cringe worthy fashion moment was: All of my childhood? Or the time I thought ‘relaxed fit’ pants were acceptable.

Some of my best ideas have come to me while I was: Wardrobe wise, while I’m showering. For regular life, while running.

I would love to do an apprenticeship with: An accomplished chef. Or someone on Broadway. Because, you know the two are so related…

I hate to admit it but I know every word to: “Wannabe” – Spice Girls and “Ghetto Superstar”

My last impulse purchase was: a pair of bright silver keds.

I’d love to add a vintage Louis Vuitton duffle to my wardrobe… and some awesome new blazers.

Thank you so much to Chris for taking the time to complete Wore Out’s style survey. I’m already looking forward to Burlington Twentysomethings next event!


2 responses to “Wore Out Sunday Style Series!

  1. Thanks for interviewing Chris! He has admirable style in everyway and is a go-getter and a do-gooder in our community and it is great for people to hear what he is up to, as well as to be inspired by his style!!

    • Thank you so much Kimberly. Chris is such a wonderful guy, I am constantly amazed by how much he does! It’s amazing that he finds time to be stylish too!

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