Peter Pan Boots & Snow Squalls

Velvet Blazer: Zara, Sweater Dress: Old Navy (via Goodwill), Belt: Gap, Tights: Target, Boots: Battery Street JeansAs I was snapping these pictures Friday afternoon a freak snow squall rolled in. All of a sudden the sky went cloudy, the wind picked up and then snow/hail started flying. I couldn’t believe how cold it got; just look at how red my nose is!

I found these green suede boots at Battery Street Jeans almost three years ago and I don’t wear them nearly as often as I should. It was love at first sight when I saw these boots in the window. I usually wear a size 8.5 so when the girl working the register told me they were a size 7 I was heart broken. I tried them on anyway and I am so glad I did because they fit! They’re a little snug but not uncomfortably so and the longer I wear them the more they stretch/conform to my feet.

I added the belt in an attempt to break up this look and define my silhouette but in the end I’m not sure the belt did me any favors. Next time I think I would opt for a slimmer or more colorful belt.

What would you do differently to this outfit? How would you style these boots?

10 responses to “Peter Pan Boots & Snow Squalls

  1. I actually really like the belt! I think the black breaks up the stripes and makes you look taller. And those boots are AWESOME. Seriously. I love how you call them your Peter Pan boots. I was going to say Robin Hood. 🙂 Love everything about this outfit!

  2. Actually, I like the belt! Great score on the boots! Always try stuff on, that’s the biggest lesson I’ve learned in shopping period. Good thing you missed the snow and hail, but it does look pretty darn cold!

  3. Those are some fantastic boots. I’d probably wear them with a little black dress.

  4. I love that you bought those boots even though they didn’t fit exactly right. I’ve done that. They look amazing. Love the color.


  5. I am head over heels for your gorgeous boots! && Your amazing blog 🙂 Happy new follower here.


  6. Such fun boots…the color is amazing! Besides a sweater dress, it see them with skinnies and a tunic or over sized sweater…they are fabulous!!

  7. WOW Wow wow! in love with your boots, and you styled them perfectly!

  8. the boots are amazing, I love the color. It goes well with your slinky striped dress, the black jacket is classy and glam. You look great…even in this cold weather, I wish I could send you some warmth and you can send me some chill.

  9. As a West Coaster (like, really coast: I hail from San Fransisco), I actually cannot imagine what it would be like to suddenly have snow whipping around while I took outfit pictures. Rain? Of course. But snow? My mind is blown. Also by those boots, which I want you to wear in an actual Peter Pan costume. A girl can dream, right?

  10. Those boots are soooo haute!!! They really pop against your neutral palette. I need them, lol!

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