Wore Out’s Sunday Style Series!

I am so excited to share Wore Out’s Sunday Style Series with you! Each Sunday in November you’ll get a new perspective on style from some of the people who inspire me. Kicking off the series this week is James Derosia, owner of Downtown Threads and a very dear friend of mine!

This Sunday Style Survey is being completed by: James Derosia

What’s your “Book Flap Blurb”: I grew up on a farm, my father was a real estate broker who wore Pierre Cardin and custom suits in a poor Podunk town, my mother used to make clothing for strippers and then opened a consignment store that she’s had for the past 25+ years. I really couldn’t have cared much about fashion until I graduated from college and was working as an engineer, all of a sudden I could afford to have an opinion and a pre-midlife crisis. I looked at all the middle aged, soft bellied, poorly dressed dudes around me and couldn’t  stand to be part of that world. I was always athletic and fit but it was nearly impossible to find business clothing that showed it off, so I ended up getting a lot of clothing tailored. Eventually I got sick of feeling like a tool in a great stupid hulking machine and went into management to try to make changes I saw needed to happen. But the corporate world is too big, stupid and slow moving so I quit my job to start my own business without any idea of what I was actually going to do. Now I own a hip little clothing store that is growing all the time, meeting wonderful people and having a blast.

To me style is: One of my mottos is “look good, feel good” so to me fashion is the way I present myself. My haircut, shoes, clothes and accessories all fit right. They don’t just fit my body, they fit the season, the weather, the company I’m going to keep, the events and meetings I’m going to. It’s not about blending in; it’s about making a statement. It’s about feeling prepared and having a little bit of a mental edge when you already know what a person’s first impression of you is going to be because you started cultivating it for them before you ever stepped out the door that morning. When I was in engineering it was a way to stand apart from my peers and show management I could present and be presentable to executives, now I just do it for me.

Most days I’m: At my clothing store, being a friendly face, a helping hand, or a guiding opinion. Sometimes I’m a smarmy shop owner when screaming babies or grabby kids come my way.

The verb that best describes my personal style is: Hustle. Every day I’m hustlin’. I’m always looking for new opportunities and making sure I’m continuing to do the right things.

I feel most myself when I’m wearing: My summer uniform. Pastel polo shirt, white linen pants, light brown plain toed Allen Edmonds Balmoral (Oxford) shoes.

Wearing my Rolex Explorer always puts a little extra swagger in my step.

My most cringe worthy fashion moment was: Ooof, I had some awesome clothes back in the day. Some truly hideous shiny synthetic shirts in the 90’s, some ugly Hawaiian shirts that I wore my freshman year of college but if I go back I’m probably most embarrassed of this stupid triangular soul patch I had for a time in college.

Some of my best ideas have come to me while I was: Driving. I love to travel and be on the road. Whenever I’m traveling it’s a chance to break the routine and let my mind wander to new places.

I would love to do an apprenticeship with: Ralph Lauren. I feel like he’s got it figured out.

I hate to admit it but I know every word to: I probably don’t know all the words to any song, I have a terrible memory.

My last impulse purchase was: Grey shorts with little skulls and cross bones embroidered into them.

I’d love to add a Bell and Ross Aviation watch to my wardrobe.

A big thank you to James for taking the time to complete this little questionnaire. Want to learn more about James or Downtown Threads? Head on over to Downtown Thread’s facebook page for the latest shop news!


2 responses to “Wore Out’s Sunday Style Series!

  1. Super lovely! I like the survey idea and I loooove seeing some men talk about style — so rare, and yet there are so many fashionable ones out there!

    • James really does have great style and swagger. He’s also one of the most knowledgeable sources when it comes to vintage garments; I bring all my care/construction questions to him!

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