Like an Onion

Caitlin Necklace: Gifted, Green Necklace: F21, Ring: Charlotte Ruse, Vest: Gifted, Waffle Print Thermal: ?, Tank: H&M (via Clothes Exchange), Skinny Cargos: Levi’s, Belt: Goodwill, Heels: TargetThis outfit is like an onion. I started with a summer staple and ended with a faux fur favorite. I’ve been relying on layers to keep warm during chilly morning walks to work and cool while I’m running around the office during the day. Whenever I put an outfit together I always assume that I’ll remove all my layers so I try to make sure that the each individual layer can pull the outfit together.

I wasn’t sure at first but I actually like how my layers fall at different angles, it breaks the look up and makes the muted colors more interesting.

What layers have you been experimenting with? How do you add interest to outfits?

10 responses to “Like an Onion

  1. Fabulous layering! I love the color of the pants and that faux fur vest is so cool!

  2. This is some fantastic layering! I love the green pants and the faux fur vest. Well played Cait!

  3. This outfit is super cute, I especially enjoy the longer flowy shirt under the shorter vest!

  4. Awesome layered look. I love all the neutrals together like that. But you can still see all the dimensions of the look. Super chic.

  5. I love it! The vest is awesome!

  6. very sweet and feminine. I like the fur detail on the vest, definitely add elegance to your outfit. I like the neutral color scheme too.


    • You’re always so sweet Mongs! I was surprised by how warm and cozy the vest actually was perfect when there’s a chill in the air.

  7. Loooove the faux fur vest! I usually just add scarves to create interest, especially if I don’t have any other statement pieces on. Mine tend to be colorful, so I get my color fix that way.

    • Thanks Jillian, my mom actually bought me this vest so the kudos go to her! I agree with you scarves are a great way to incorporate color into a look and they’re perfect for keeping warm in drafty office buildings like mine!

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