Gold and Blue

Sunnies: Greece, Sweater: Loft (via Clothes Exchange), Belt: Forever 21, Maxi Dress (worn as a skirt): Forever 21, Flats: TargetI bought these leopard flats at Target almost two years ago and they have finally started to fall apart. I paid less than $10 for them so I wasn’t expecting them to last forever but I can’t help but be a little heartbroken. I just wish I’d had the foresight to buy a second pair of these when I had the chance.

My friend Erin was gracious enough to snap these pictures for me last Friday during a lunchtime stroll along the Burlington Waterfront (you can always tell when friends take my pictures because of my big cheesy smile). Weather wise it’s been an absurdly beautiful fall but the chill in the air has started to linger and we’re expecting the first snow of the year later this week.

memo to self: find winter clothes asap

Have you unpacked your winter clothes yet? Are there pieces you wished you’d bought in multiples?

10 responses to “Gold and Blue

  1. I always have a cheesy smile when someone else takes my pictures too. I love your smile though and those leopard flats! They look great with the blue maxi and sweater!

  2. I love every part of this outfit! It’s great how the colors complement your hair, too.

  3. You can always tell when Travis is taking my pics because I’m usually trying not to laugh! I still curse the day I only bought one pair of my Target leopard print flats. I’m taking them to a cobbler because I refuse to let this $20 pair of shoes die.

    • I wish there was a cobbler who could fix my flats! Too bad the heel looks like it’s about to bust off the body of the shoe completely.

  4. You look beautiful. And your smile is gorgeous, such a classic look. love it!!

  5. You have the most awesome hair color! This is truly a divine and refined look!

  6. You do easy simple chic looks so well. I love this look and would wear it in a second. I love your cheesy smile. You are too cute.


  7. You always look so good in maxis! I know your pain over the flats, I’m the exact way about shoes. Still haven’t committed to a new pair of suede heels!

  8. Such a beautiful outfit. looks like you’re ready for the chill!

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