Cargo Colors

Blazer: Silence + Noise (via Urban Outfitters), Tee: Target, Cargos: Levi’s, Boots: Blowfish, Skull Ring: Vending Machine, Silver Rings: H&M/GiftedThough I’ve worn these skinny cargo pants a few times I’m still trying to figure them out. I usually wear them with heels (seen here) in an attempt to balance out their utilitarian feel but I kind of like them with these Blowfish boots. My favorite part of this outfit though is the skull ring that I got out of a Price Chopper vending machine late night for 50 cents. Against all odds it fits and makes me feel exponentially more badass, what else could a girl want?

Would you style skinny cargo pants with heels or boots? What accessory makes you feel your best? 

8 responses to “Cargo Colors

  1. I love my skinny cargos! But I have the same problem. I bought them during an off season and haven’t been able to wear them with anything but heels. They look great with boots though. I will have to try that next. And your skull ring IS bad ass!

  2. We love our skinny cargo pants! We did a remix on our favorite ways of styling them. Love the blue and the army green combo 🙂

  3. Those boots are cute, and they look good with the skinny cargos.

  4. BOTH! I love it when masculine/casual things are dressed up with girly accessories. I think you styled it perfectly!

    And I’m slightly (ok, more than slightly) obsessed with blue and army green. Guh-org. Yes, I just made that up. 🙂

  5. Oh I wish I could wear skinny cargos – you look fantastic in yours!

  6. I think the skinny cargos with the boots looks fab. The blazer adds the feminine balance. Keep experimenting. I’m liking everything you come up with so far!

    I can’t believe I’ve missed so many of your posts. Catching up now.

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