Wore Out’s Look of the Week

Happy Friday All! D and I both have today off from work and tonight we’re going to see John Brown’s Body! They’re one of my favorite bands to see live, their energy is amazing and it’s great dancing music.

Speaking of good energy, Wore Out’s Look of the Week is…

Bonnie from Flashes of Style!I didn’t think it was possible to be jealous of a cardigan collection… until I found Bonnie’s blog. Not only is Bonnie’s collection of cardigans enviable but she has some of the cutest toppers and bags out there. Her effortless style and uber chic wardrobe result in inspiring outfits and looks.  How can you not love this look?

The gold pants work perfectly with the colors in the blouse and create a classic silhouette. I like how Bonnie paired them with a classic loafers but I can see this outfit being just as awesome paired with black pumps or platform booties. As the fall weather really sets in I’m excited to see how Bonnie layers and mixes pieces. She’s an expert at incorporating the hottest trends into her looks without compromising an ounce of her personal style.

What’s your favorite part of Bonnie’s outfit? What are your weekend plans?


3 responses to “Wore Out’s Look of the Week

  1. Yep, that’s a cute look alright. She’s darling.

  2. So perfect. this young lass juts oozes oodles of style ^_^


  3. Such a cool outfit – no wonder it made LOTW! I love how effortless it is. Personally I don’t think it’s easy to wear pleated pants and loafers with a heel, but she just pulls it off like it’s nothing. Gorgeous.

    This weekend we’re carving pumpkins – yay! I love Halloween season (can’t believe it’s almost over!).

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