Apple Picking Adventure

Sunnies: Zinnia, Button-up: Walmart, White Tank: Charlotte Ruse, Necklace: Gifted, Leggings: Target, Boots: Old Gold, Bag: H&M

 I took these photos when D and I headed to Chapin Orchard in Essex, Vermont for an afternoon of apple picking. Apple picking was and still is a fall tradition in my family. In fact while D and I were picking apples in Vermont my parents were doing the same thing in Maine with my older sister and her daughter.

It was our first time visiting Chapin Orchard, which was so beautiful, and the weather made it particularly wonderful to be outside. We got there a little after noon and when we left around 3 the orchard was bustling with people. About a week before we went, there was a Living Social Deal for a half a bushel of apples and half a a gallon of cider for $10, instead of the usual $20. So not only did we get ah-mazing weather but we also got a great deal.

Since I knew we were going to be mucking about in the orchard I wore my rodeo boots (seen here & here) perfect for fall and in this case practical too. I kept the rest of my outfit really casual and comfortable; somewhere along the line leggings, a tee, and an oversized button up became my weekend wear… and I’m alright with that.

What are some of your fall traditions? What’s your weekend wardrobe?


17 responses to “Apple Picking Adventure

  1. so beautiful, perfect weather! I love your pictures, and you look really laid back and happy! I like your outfit, so laid back yet so put together (am I making sense here?). Lovely rodeo boots.


    • Haha, you make perfect sense Mongs! I probably look so laid back and happy because my boyfriend is the one behind the camera!

  2. I’ve never been apple picking but it looks like so much fun! I love your boots!

    • You’ve never been apple picking Frannie!? Your missing out (just like I know I’m missing out on a ton of cool CO things)! If you don’t apple pick what do you do in the fall?

  3. How fun is this?! And I love your weekend wear! Why do I not have a denim/chambray shirt? It looks so comfy – like jeans for your upper body. Wow, that made no sense. 🙂

    • You crack me up Catherine! I didn’t think about it that way until now, but you’re right! Denim/chambray button ups are like jeans for the upper body! Too funny! I got my dark wash button up at Wal-Mart for $3 (or something equally cheap) and my favorite chambray shirt is from the Goodwill men’s section and was only a dollar!

  4. so jealous, i wanna go apple picking!

    ❤ steffy

  5. Fresh apples are the best, and I like those boots a lot!

  6. You look so glamorous in the first photo!

  7. I’m pretty sure it’s not fair that you look that cute picking apples! Your hair is glistening in the sun. So gorgeous. Perfect outfit for that activity and it proves that there’s never a reason to shlump around when it’s just as easy to look that cute!


  8. Can I just say again how much I love your blog? You always have something lovely to show and interesting to say. This makes me want to head out to my local orchard and pick some delicious, fresh apples! If only work didn’t get in the way, haha.

  9. Awwww you look like a whole bunch of fun here! Very cute and chic outfit hun ^_^


  10. It looks like the weather was absolutely perfect for visiting an orchard. You look lovely!

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