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Fall Flavors at Speeder & Earl’s

When a fall chill creeps into the air I look forward to shrugging into cozy knits, classic leather boots and colorful scarves. The arrival of fall doesn’t just call for new fashions but also new flavors. I headed to Speeder & Earl’s, a local Burlington coffee shop, to talk fall flavors, perfect pixie cuts and why local is always better with Emma, one of Speeder’s uber stylish baristas.On the particularly chilly Friday morning I spent with Emma, I was impressed with the level of customer service that is standard practice at Speeder & Earl’s. Emma not only greeted the majority of the customers by name but remembered the orders of almost all the repeat customers. “We’re all repeat customers,” explained Emma. “Even if they’re not a local or don’t come in every day, people can come back in and finish the conversations they started the last time they were here.”

Being a small locally owned business allows Speeder & Earl’s to cater to their customer’s seasonal flavor desires. In the summer months Speeder’s keeps at least three different flavors of ice tea in their coolers and plenty of freshly brewed iced coffee at the ready. When fall rolls around Speeder’s replaces one of their ice teas with local cider from Champlain Orchards and updates their chic specials board with other seasonal favorites. Speeder & Earl’s special board, perfectly depicting the blustery fall conditions in BurlingtonA cup of fall flavors, Speeder & Earl’s steamed cider and mulling spices

Before I’m done admiring her new pixie cut Emma appears with a steaming cup of local cider, perfectly capturing all my favorite fall flavors.  “We steam Champlain Orchard’s cider with these delicious mulling spices, it’s just really warm and inviting,” Emma explained. Inviting was the perfect word to describe this fragrant spiced treat. Not only did it totally take the chill of the day away but it was lite and caffeine free making it a perfect post work pick me up.

The next fall treat Emma whipped up was Speeder’s signature, A Clockwork Orange. According to Emma as soon as it starts to cool off this becomes one of the most popular specialty drinks at Speeder’s.

Emma adding the finishing touches to Speeder’s A Clockwork Orange 

To create this fall favorite Emma, pours freshly brewed espresso over an orange peel to “release the essential oils and make it really fragrant.” Then she adds delicious almond flavor, dark Ghirardelli hot chocolate and whipped cream to create the perfect marriage of summer sweetness and warm fall flavors. The next time you can’t shake the stress of your day or the chill of the fall air, stop into Speeder and Earl’s and treat yourself to one of these.

Speeder and Earl’s is a perfect example of why keeping your dollars local just makes sense. All of their coffee is roasted locally in small batches at their Pine Street location right in Burlington and believe me you can taste the difference. The care that Speeder & Earl’s puts into their coffee extends to their customer service ten fold. Just stop into either their Pine Street or Church Street locations and see what I mean. Whether you try one of Speeder & Earl’s specialty drinks or opt for a cup of their perfectly brewed drip coffee you wont leave disappointed.

What are some of your favorite fall flavors? Where do you get your caffeine kick from?