Ladylike Lace & Bad Lighting

Bad Lighting… checkLadylike Lace… oh yeahBlouse: Goodwill, Skirt: Charity Shop (seen here & here), Heels: EndlessI found this blouse hanging off an end cap in the housewares section of Goodwill and did a happy dance as soon as I tried it on. The lace detailing and slight poof of the sleeves just blew me away and the Victorian style collar adds the perfect touch of old world lady like glamour.

What pieces in your closet have your heart all a flutter this week? 

*I apologize for the bad lighting. I’m traveling for work and quickly snapped these pictures in my hotel room before dashing off to a meeting.

9 responses to “Ladylike Lace & Bad Lighting

  1. Love this lovely lacy top! Scores at Goodwill are the best! And the lighting actually looks pretty cool. No worries!

  2. I think the lighting actually looks cool! It has to be the blouse. It’s absolutely gorgeous on you! See, this is the kind of stuff I want to find at Goodwill!

  3. Oh girly! I love your feminine style! I swear, just about every outfit I see you in, I could see me in! LOVE this….even in the lighting, it loses none of it’s charm! Hugs! ~Serene

  4. great buy! I like the top, it’s so pretty! Actually the lightning is quite romantic which is so apt for the top


  5. Love that blouse. You have a great eye for finding awesome thrift pieces.

  6. I love that blouse- the details make it so special! Another thing I love are your shoes- stunning!

  7. Michael B. King

    Dear Ms. Pierce, I admire your keen eye for fashion. We have followed up on some of your recommendations and indeed I find articles that I want to ourchase. Thank you for encouraging a new “eye” when we shop in places such as Goodwill.

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