The Goodwill Gasp

When I saw this jacket at Goodwill I let out a gasp; then promptly looked over my shoulder ready to dive into the rack of men’s outerwear if any of the other shoppers showed even the slightest bit of interest in my discovery. After the thrifting paranoia passed I pulled the jacket off the rack and held my breath as I inspected it. To my astonishment it was in perfect condition, fit me rather well (for a men’s jacket) and features the Bill’s throwback helmet.I know an old school blue satin Buffalo Bills jacket may not seem like a treasure to most but finding this jacket was an omen of sorts. For our anniversary last year I bought D a throwback Bruce Smith jersey and this “NFL officially licensed sideline jacket” is from the same era. D’s a die hard Bills fan and was at Ralph Wilson Stadium this weekend when the Buffalo Bills came back after being down 21-0 to beat the New England Patriots for the first time in 15 meetings. It was the first time D got to witness a Bill’s win in person and the fact that it was against the Pats was just icing on the cake.

D didn’t get home until after 3am last night so he hasn’t seen the jacket or heard the serendipitous tale of how it found it’s way into my closet. Come to think of it that might not be a bad thing since he’s beyond superstitious and I just may have to spend the rest of the NFL season in this jacket.

What thrifted finds have made you gasp?


13 responses to “The Goodwill Gasp

  1. Sweet Jacket! Great job kicking some Pat butt yesterday!

    • Thanks Christine! It was a white knuckle finish for sure. I’m actually glad that the boyfriend wasn’t watching the game with me because I would have been a million times more stressed!

  2. Such a great find…your husband is going to flip! How excited was he with yesterdays win…spectacular!!!

    • I still can’t believe I found this jacket! The boyfriend got home around 3am this morning and was still so excited about the Bills win that he woke me up and recapped almost the whole game for me. Sweet but not the best idea on a Sunday before an insanely busy work week. He must have had an ah-mazing time because he came home so hoarse that he can barely talk!

  3. That’s a pretty sweet jacket – great find!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

    • Thanks Courtney, I’m not going to lie I definitely did a happy dance in the isle when I found this jacket, much to the chagrin of my younger sister who was shopping with me at the time.

  4. How cool is that??? That is the amazing thing about thrifting, one woman’s old hand me down buried at the bottom of her closet (or his), is another woman’s long lost treasure! What a good wifey you are!

    • Haha, not a wifey yet Frannie! I’m always shocked at what people part with. I’ve found dozens of items with the tags still on them. I left goodwill loaded down with ah-mazing finds yesterday, including an insanely beautiful hand embroidered caftan.

  5. I spent a few years living in Buffalo growing up. We were all Bills fans. I love love love that jacket. Holy crap. What an amazing find. Can you please come to Northern Cali and take me thrift shopping? You have such good luck. I, on the other hand, do not. Ever.

  6. Such a fun jacket!! Sadly I haven’t had many gasp-worthy thrift finds since I’ve only been a few times XD

    • The trick with thrifting is to go often and with an open mind. If I go searching for something specific I usually end up disappointed but if you go and just let yourself find things it’s so much more enjoyable.

  7. As I mentioned to you on twitter, I WANT this jacket. What a sweet find. Congrats. This jacket makes me wanna SHOUT!

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