Mixing Patterns with Naughty Monkey’s

Sunglasses: Chinatown, Scarf: Gifted (via Macy’s), Tank: Charlotte Ruse, Skirt: Downtown Threads, Heels: Naughty Monkey (via Stella)oh hi! thanks for waving & hollering at me while I’m snapping pictures

I bought these shoes on a whim (story of my life) when I was transitioning my wardrobe from frumpalicious college student to office fashionista. I wore them twice and promptly forgot I had them… until I was putting this outfit together. Black and white with red accents is one of my favorite color pairings. I especially love how the red and white pattern on the shoes works with the black and white skirt. The red accents kept the look from being too boring and the scarf added just the right punch of color.

The mornings have felt like fall and the afternoons like late summer so I’ve been relying on layers to keep me comfortable. Today I lugged a raincoat, blazer, cardigan and scarf to the office with me, not sure what type of weather I would encounter on the walk home. Worse case I’ll put all my layers on and do a few laps around the office to burn off lunch.

How have you been transitioning your wardrobe from summer to fall? What color combinations do you consider timeless?


14 responses to “Mixing Patterns with Naughty Monkey’s

  1. I have and I’m excited about it! My go to classic combo is black and white….I swear, I could make a uniform out of it! Love your uber feminine outift! Hugs! ~Serene

  2. I love Naughty Monkey shoes. I have a couple of pairs, and they are really unique from most shoes you see every day. They always have an edge to them, which I adore.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. It still feels like midsummer here 😦
    We’re supposed to be getting a cold front tonight and it’s supposed to be in the 80’s tomorrow. Fingers crossed.
    Adorable outfit! As always, perfection.

  4. We’re having the same kind of weather here in Northern California. So, I’m having to do the same with layering. I blew it today. I needed to have one more layer under the blouse I’m wearing so that I could strip down one more layer. It’s hotter than I thought it would be. Our mornings are socked in with fog and it’s freezing then around 11am, hot hot summer weather comes in. But you never really know how hot till it happens. Wow, I’m rambling.

    Your outfit is perfect. I love the 2 patterns in the skirt and shoe and you’re right that the scarf is that perfect punch of color.


  5. I wanna talk about that skirt! I love the pattern, the shape, the fit on you!

  6. I am LOVING this fall look on you! You are def right about the skirt and shoes. Also LOL at your story of my life comment–I totally feel you there!

  7. the red shoes definitely jazz up your monochrome outfit, it has an element of surprise. And the scarf adds that feminine touch!


  8. The SHOES are fantastic but the skirt really makes the outfit – it is so flattering!

  9. Ugh, my wardrobe transition is going horribly. How did I end up not having any fall clothes? Love the mix of the patterns, and the shape of that skirt is fabulous!

  10. I’m challenging myself to try and adapt some of my summer stuff more than I usually do. But a lot of it just can’t work, especially when it starts snowing. I love that you included the wave photo!

  11. Love the skirt. The red accents on the shoes goes well with the skirt.

  12. That is such a pretty skirt you are wearing! 🙂 I hear you about transitioning to the fall weather- I feel like the weather forecast changes every couple of hours and I never know if it’s going to rain or be very chilly, which makes getting dressed in the morning take a bit longer than it should!

  13. love this pattern mixing, and those pumps are gorgeous – an impulse purchase gone right!

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