Wore Out’s Look of the Week

Hi all! Like fashion my blog is ever evolving. I’ve decided to move my weekly happenings blurb (aka the links usually precedes the LOTW post) to Saturday or Sunday; I think. Like I said, it’s evolving… so stay tuned!

I’ve been a fan of this sunshine state blogger since I started Wore Out. Gorgeous red hair, killer sartorial style and chic handmade garments are just a few reasons to love our look of the week…

Tiffany of a Reason to be Fabulous!Told you she was gorgeous! Tiffany’s killer eye, distinct personal style and over the top talent (yeah the cute skirt she’s wearing, she made it!) keep me coming back to her blog on the daily. True to her blog’s title Tiffany turns everyday into a fashionable one with chic silhouettes and eye for detail. Many of my favorite pieces that Tiffany styles have been handmade by her and I was so jealous! However I am so excited to announce that very shortly Tiffany will begin to take custom orders! I can’t wait to have my very own one of a kind Tiffany piece! The only hard part will be trying to figure out which of her designs to order first!

What’s your favorite part of Tiffany’s outfit? Do you make your own clothes?


6 responses to “Wore Out’s Look of the Week

  1. See! She’s wearing a red cardigan and it looks great with her red hair! You can too, Caitlin!

  2. Yep, fabulous! Reds reds and more reds. Love it!

  3. You’re right! She IS adorable! That skirt looks like something to be found at Anthropologie! Hugs to you! ~Serene

  4. she’s absolutely fabulous. love her skirt.

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