The Goodwill Gal!

I’m so excited to share my very first guest post with you!

Check out my fall fashion wish list over on Goodwill of Northern New England’s blog. I had so much fun working on this post and was ecstatic to find so many amazing fall pieces in just ONE trip to my local Goodwill.

*if you live in the Burlington area make sure you grab a copy of the What’s Good Book put out by Seven Days. There’s a coupon for $5 off your purchase of $25 or more at Goodwill on page 35 (and I’m on page 32!) Pick up your copy at City Market, Northern Lights or outside the Peace & Justice store. Just look for the Seven Days newspaper display!


7 responses to “The Goodwill Gal!

  1. I´ve just read your article… so great!!
    I agree with you in the Victorian inspired silhouettes: I find this trend so inspiring, funny and chic!


    • Low – I love historical/period era clothes and was so inspired by the Victorian-esqu pieces that were coming down the runway this time last year. The clothes designed in that vein just make me feel so otherworldly and utterly glam.

  2. That’s fantastic. Going there right now to check it out!

  3. Getting famous girl! Congrats! I love the leopard dress!

  4. I checked it out and FABULOUS!!! The leopard dress is just spectacular and yet, I think my favorite outfit just might be the one with the bubble skirt….LOVE the way you styled it! Congratulations!! ~Serene

  5. Your Goodwill is amazing! I can’t believe you found J. Crew at it! I think the first look is my favorite – I just love preppy and cozy together. 🙂 My town’s Goodwill is a scary, scary place – so I hear. I haven’t gathered the courage to venture there myself. Maybe I should for a blog experiment?

  6. I love Goodwill!! There are a bunch in my town and I’ve recently become addicted to shopping there 🙂 Totally wishing for some great camel finds there myself..

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